Originals / George RR Martin Sets the Record Straight


George RR Martin is basically the modern equivalent of Jack the Ripper, except he keeps his homicidal tendencies limited to literature (AS FAR AS WE KNOW...). It's become a running joke how no character is safe on Game of Thrones, since he'll wipe away major characters willy-nilly, without ever giving it a second thought. Why does he love bathing in our tears so much?

The answer: he doesn't. He's not that bad when it comes to murdering central characters in his stories, especially when compared with...uh, basically ANY of his contemporaries. Ever read a Stephen King book? Dean Koontz? Hell, Roald Dahl probably killed more people in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory than Martin killed in his books.

But none of these can compare to the most TRULY murderous writer of all-time...


For the original letter (that some people actually thought was real for some reason???), click here


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