There has been a war raging on Tumblr ever since Benedict Cumberbatch was announced to voice The Grinch in the upcoming animated adaptation of the classic Dr. Seuss book - and that war has been whether the Grinch was now sexy af or not.




Obviously, Tumblr very famously has been a big proponent of Benedict Cumberbatch ever since he sociopath'd his way into the hearts of millions with his cold, calculating performance as curly-haired Sherlock Holmes - but also, Tumblr gets very sexual about a lot of fictional characters, so it's kind of the perfect storm. Remember, they're STILL dealing with being super-horny for Venom.

And the questions about "true Grinch fans" and whether Tumblr would find the Grinch sexy or not has been answered...

He's sexy. But here's the crazy thing that I discovered while digging into this - it's not just Tumblr. People from all across the internet are extremely thirsty for The Grinch. And not even just the current version - the Grinch has now been made RETROACTIVELY SEXY.

Was it just me? Was everyone else into The Grinch this whole time and I never realized it?!













So, at this point, I don't really know what to make of anything anymore - I leave it up to you, readers. IS THE GRINCH SEXY OR NOT?

In any case, I'm just glad there's not any fandom around thinking the baby live action Grinch was cute or anthi-