A Real 'Bowsette' Was Just Revealed in Official Mario Concept Art

The Bowser/Princess Peach mashup known as Bowsette has had a big week so far, and it just concluded with one hell of a twist. The Art of Super Mario Odyssey book that just released in Japan shows what appears to be concept art of Bowser possessing Peach with a special hat -- presumably drawn years before the Bowsette phenomenon blew up. The idea did not make it into the final game, but it's fascinating to see what might have been. That, and the coincidental timing of Bowsette's rise is kind of mindblowing. 

For those not familiar with the Super Mario Odyssey, the game centers on a "capture" feature, which allows Mario to throw a hat and "possess" almost any enemy. So if Mario were to sling his cap onto a Goomba, his very essence would fly inside that Goomba, who would now be adorned with the hat and a familiar mustache. The same can be done for Hammer Bros., Bullet Bills and so on. 


The concept art in the above tweet appears to depict an unused bit of story which involved Bowser using his own hat to "capture" Peach, turning into a half-human/half-dragonturtle hybrid. The K on this cap likely stands for Koopa.

Up to this point, Bowsette was simply a fan creation, stemming from a single comic that later went viral and infected the entire internet. Nintendo has since addressed the overwhelming amount of horny drawings by uh, not addressing them at all -- they have no comment on said lewds. But you have to imagine that somewhere, some illustrator at Nintendo is a little proud of being ahead of their time.