Raspberry Pi is a series of wildly customizable single-board computers that you can build to do almost anything, provided you know what the hell you are doing. Luckily, the Raspberry Pi Mastery bundle will teach you everything you need to know to start wading into some righteous Raspberry Pi projects, including but not limited to building your own robot army.

The bundle comes with 8 courses and over 10 hours of instruction designed to teach you, a probable novice in the ways of Raspberry Pi, everything from the very basics to complicated hardware projects such as building a wirelessly controlled ArmBot like the one in Tony Stark's garage. Plus, you learn how to use Raspberry Pi programming to do cool stuff like automate some of your home appliances and allow to turn them on or off with your smartphone from anywhere in the house. You'll even learn how to use Raspberry Pi to mine for Bitcoin, which is occasionally very valuable.

Normally the Raspberry Pi Mastery bundle will run you $865, but if you click here right now, you can get lifetime access to all 8 courses for a whopping 96% markdown of just $34.