Wireless earbuds are almost essential nowadays, if you want to be able to listen to your podcasts and take calls from your family without taking your hands off of your Dual Shock, and be able to get up and down on trips to the fridge or the bathroom without worrying about snagging a pesky wire on an errant countertop. The problem is, official Apple AirPods will grab your paycheck by the throat and toss it out the nearest window, which is why you need to check out the Air Bud Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

The Air Buds can connect to any Bluetooth-capable device, providing 2.5 hours of listening time per charge. Plus, the carrying case doubles as a portable charger, carrying up to ten extra full charges, so you can keep the jams going without needing to get anywhere near an outlet.

Normally, the Air Buds sell for $119.99, but right now you can take 80% off that price and get a pair for just $22.99. You literally have no reason not to grab them immediately. Plus, they'll remind you of a dog playing basketball, which is a lot more fun than whatever you were associating your old headphones with.