If you had told me way back in 2011 that one of the most unifying and iconic games of the HD era would be a wandering lore-heavy open-world fantasy Norway simulator, I'd have questioned your sanity. SURELY, the team at Bethesda weren't the stewards of gaming in-jokes for the next decade, that's nonsense! And yet, here we are. Perhaps it was the way that Todd Howard simplified the mechanics of classic RPG gameplay for the console audience, maybe it was the unconventional Scandinavian aesthetic that broke through a Tolkien-exhausted audience. 

I've suggested in the past that gaming fandom was BUILT to celebrate communally what we usually experience in solitude. That the times we spent alone for hours on end exploring and side-questing feels better knowing that millions of other friends have made the same journeys. It's that reason why Skyrim, the most widely played open world besides Los Santos (which has its own perpetual community) still lives on in memes and on social media.

Here's 15 tumblr posts that made us go "Fus-Ro-DAMN":


Me, a humble draugr, quietly minding my own business in my barrow tomb, doing my daily chores lighting the candles, taking the frostbite spider for a walk, making the large swinging axes swing in the corridor of large swinging axes, having a sleepover with the lads in the deathlords chamber YOU, loud, alive, obnoxious, barging into our tomb eating an entire wheel of cheese, making a mess, plundering my life savings from my burial urn, setting fire to frosty the frostbite spider, rekilling me and the lads, WAKING the deathlord the audacity skyrim is my comfort game skyrim 22,303 notes
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were really tsundere with todd howard were like stop making skyrim ports asshole make a new game stop selling us the same shit and then hes like and then we try to defend it even though we literally cant
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Letter Q dungeon design skyrim todd howard
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If you ever question the depths of depravity available to you in Skyrim please refer to this story I am unable to finish the Thieves Guild quest because I accidentally killed an essential quest npc Erikur in Solitude, you probably know him because his sister wont shut up about it Erikur was the last quest giver I needed to become the master of the Thieves Guild He is suppose to be essential, as in he cannot be killed ever because important npc is important So where is he I hear you asking He is gone Gone into my characters tummy You see, I was fooling around with the glorious weapon that is the Wabbajack and happened to turn Erikur into a sweetrolland then I ate him I ate Erikur Hes gone forever Into my tummy I glitched out a main questline because I turned a man into a sweetroll and then I c o n s u m e d h i m
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Friend: I cannot believe you like the Dark Brotherhood Theyre like, a guild for edgy and emo teens who have no life whatsoe Me:
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is this a butterfly meme skyrim tumblr
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self care is drinking energy drinks until you clip through the floor fulcrumisthebomb did Bethesda make this post
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 himeshirayuki hello did you know that all the elderly npcs in skyrim are part of an unplayable race called elder because the skyrim character creator doesnt have an age slider ponraul age slider dont you mean an Elder Scroll tabootasaur
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