Without giving in to all the cliches, there's a reason why Dungeon's & Dragons are one of the best games for nerds, geeks, and any other flavor social outsider you might consider yourself. It's a place where anything is possible, your imagination is free to go places you'd never expect it to, and you get to engage with your fellow human beings who are each (literally) bringing something to the table. But it's that combination of limitless prospects and esoteric loopholes that makes the game capable of producing some of the most chaotic experiences within the limits of the laws of God and Man.

Here's 12 firsthand accounts of RPGs gone WTF from the most reliable source on the internet, 4chan.

1. The all-monk party decides to settle things like warriors

monks story hello dungeons and dragons

2. A gnome learns an important lesson

rock gnome thrown down hole jaded edgelord

3. A classic case of Perception vs. Hindsight

players lost in ruin trying to evade a medusa but theyve lost track of her Where is she I dunno Let me check I peek around the corner and roll spot Are you sure you want to 19 Boyah Plus 12 is 31 What do I see Well, what everyone else sees is you look around the corner and turn to stone


4. Mama Mia.

pizza digiorno red baron 4chan DD


5. The druid goofed real bad

reincarnate high elf as drow

6. Practical Problem Solving 101



7. Where's "Chaotic Stupid" on the alignment chart?

Bard Jumps down a hole


8. Sometimes, meta-gaming isn't the end of the world

tableop gaming meta narrative

9. Someone call M. Night Shyamalan, we got a twist over here

mimic town mayor blacksmith funny 4chan dnd dd stories


10. This is what we call a "worst case scenario"

weird greentext dnd stories: cinnamon toast crunch puke


11. This is the most brutal RPG experience since Dark Souls

real life pathfinder characters bard plays the accordian


12. Presented without commentary, the epic of Bonzy

 Bonzy the clown call of cthulu