perfectly balanced tumblr post about thanos

Is there any site as perfect to interpret and understand a thicc purple daddy like Thanos better than Tumblr? Thanos was practically INVENTED for fanfic and fandom obsession - he's a troubled, tortured protagonist; he's extremely strong AND a daddy; and he has a lovely jawline that's just SCREAMING for fan art interpretation. So we decided to look for some of the best Tumblr posts on everyone's favorite universe-balancer himself, the Mad Titan Thanos.

1. "You've should've blocked my head."


2. I guess technically Ego is Thanos' doppelganger.


3. Thanos, you are CANCELLED.


4. Look at it this way -- Infinity War could have been a lot shorter

5. Thanos DOES have a lot in common with Dwight Schrute

6. I would argue more "nice guy" over "incel", but this about sums it up.



7. This is actually pretty genius.


8. Any chance this is in the deleted scenes?

9. This one is specifically targeted at fans of Smash Bros and emulation