Months later, we as a society have finally started to recover from the events of Avengers: Infinity War. We thought we were safe from the memes about half the universe's population disintegrating into dust. Spider-Man's helpless cries of desperation were finally starting to subside. We could sleep. 

Maybe it's because Infinity War is hitting home video around this time, but the internet has decided to crack that wound wide open once again. A thread on Tumblr that's been making the rounds posits a question that feels real and heartbreaking at the same time -- how would Sesame Street explain what happened during Thanos' infamous "snap" to the very young children that watch the show? Bert, Ernie and the rest have dealt with heavy topics before, but none on a scale quite like this. The answer that Tumblr user intosnarkness comes up with rings true for us.