Teen Titans GO! has been a hotbed of nerd debate since it launched in 2013 (feel old? lol time moves linearly forward). A lighter, goofier, and (most importantly) easier to animate spinoff of the groundbreaking Cartoon Network series, the show was an affront to many fans who grew up on the original's unique mix of American superhero melodrama and anime comedy tropes. So expectations were low for the Teen Titans theatrical debut, and you'd think with its #5 debut (falling below Hotel Transylvania 3 AND Mama Mia! Here We Go Again) the final verdict had been delivered... but something interesting has happened.

Maybe the Teen Titans GO movie is... good?

1. It's not like it had to be The Godfather


2. But Titans fans are very protective

3. Oh, and there's the little thing where they TEASED A NEW SEASON OF THE ORIGINAL CLASSIC TEEN TITANS SERIES!?


4. This was supposed to be a joke, but the madmen actually DID IT


5. Honestly, any win for DC Universe fans is welcome

punished venom
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6. With a modest budget, they might have revealed that not every superhero story has to be a 200 million dollar blockbuster


7. It's not like having fun at this movie seems particularly hard

Not sure if you should check out TeenTitansGOMovie To have the best time at the movies, all you need is, T een Titan appreciation H appy Disposition C are for animation
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8. Many accounts aren't even being ironic, a rarity in this day and age

Teen Titans Go to the Movies is no joke a masterpiece The art directions gorgeous, the voice actings superb and the writing is surprisingly smart Even if you dont like the series itself, Id recommend seeing it just to support a new traditionally animated film
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9. This flick is just FULL of surprises


10. Though some fans are scared of being burnt again

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11. Could all their complaints be the work of an evil master plan?


12. In the end, it's up to the suits to decide what gets made


13. But people have grown up alongside these characters for 15 years


14. And in uncertain times, there's solace in knowing they got your back 

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15. One Two Three Four GO! (Teen Titans!)