sdcc cosplays

Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone - and while the trailers and reveals were nice 'n all, we all know what people REALLY wanna see: the cosplays. Where your average person has the opportunity to get weird, get creative, and live out everyone's geekiest Halloween dreams. Oh, also helps if you have a rockin' bod and want to wear a morph suit.

If you know the names of any cosplayers included here, shoot an email to or leave a comment!

1. Post-Snap Infinity War Action Figures

2. Rose Tico(s)

3. Edna Mode + Tokoyami

4. Grimos (Cosplay by @BananaSteveCos)

5. Zuri (Pink Panther Edition)

6. Toon-Voltron

7. Melissa Morales

8. Kobe Wan

9. Black Panther (Cosplay by @AlexisVictorious)

10. My Hero Academia's Mt. Lady (Cosplay by @kikobunni)

11. Playable Arcade Cosplay (Cosplay by @chawancut)

12. Oscar the Grouch

13. Venom Mid-Transformation

14. Coco's Miguel

15. Drag Queen Deadpool

16. The Incredibaos

17. X-Men Sentinel

18. 2-Person AT-AT

19. Zardoz's Zed (cosplay by @jwojchi)

20. Tony Bark

21. The Infinity Gauntlet

22. Grandmaster(s)

23. Pokemon GO Trainer (Cosplay by Cadmious)

sdcc cosplays pokemon go

cadmious / Reddit

24. Iron Spider

25. Space Jam's Bill Murray

And, as a bonus, let's all appreciate cosplay moments like these: