According to Hollywood legend Dreamworks Animation was born from deep-seated beefs between Disney executives in the 90s. Apparently studio head Jeffrey Katzenberg had been a liability during his time at Disney, for the production of Toy Story, he was continually pushing for Pixar to add more adult jokes and give the movie an edgier tone, and the result was a particularly disasterous cut that tested so poorly that they had to remake huge chunks of the film in order to finish the classic we all know and love. Allegedly, spurned by this and other insults from the Disney higher-ups, he specifically set out to sabotage his former employer with his new studio. Have you ever wondered why Dreamworks movies have an odd energy about them? The heavy use of dated pop-culture references and the eerie-similarities with Pixar movies?

Times Dreamworks Kids Movies Shattered Tumblr's Mind - shrek

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It's that weird dark energy that I think made Dreamworks movies so "sticky" in the minds of young millenials. A slightly corrupted world of children's entertainment where (at the time) cutting edge CGI imagery and the ruthless politics of major movie executives left its mark. 

Times Dreamworks Kids Movies Shattered Tumblr's Mind - kung fu panda

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20 years later, the kids that grew up on these movies still can't shake that feeling...







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shrek came out in 2001 good for him

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thats shark tale 2

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madagascar i like to move it move it

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she was fearless and crazier than him she was his queen

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Times Dreamworks Kids Movies Shattered Tumblr's Mind - boss baby

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