1. Stockholm the Sniper is normally an unreachable NPC keeping watch over Megaton, but if you use console commands to get to him, he'll have unique dialogue for you

fallout details stockholm the sniper

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2. In the New Vegas add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal there's a challenge called "A Slave Obeys" which you complete by killing Mr. House with a golf club. Mirroring the climactic scene from Bioshock.

hidden details in fallout games - ode to bioshock

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3. Even though it was probably easy to check, you have to appreciate the Vault-Tec calendar with accurate dates

calendar help hello what is happening

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4. In the Enclave's base there is a mess hall with grated metal flooring, checking underneath you can see where soldiers, agents, and grand conspirators all dropped their silverware.

fallout easter egg enclave silverware mess hall

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5. During the memorably creepy "Tranquility Lane" mission, you're met with a surprise if you try to check your Pip-Boy during the surreal 1950's suburban simulation. 

pip boy watch

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6. The location where you find Mr. Handy in Fallout 3 is a reference to a 1950 Ray Bradbury short story about an automated house that continues to function even after the family inside died in a nuclear blast. Through a terminal, you can command Mr. Handy to read the poem "There Will Come Soft Rains" about nature's indifference to human extinction. Ray Bradbury's story share's the same title.


7. This little scene in the Operation: Anchorage DLC seems a little out of place, until you remember this statue in the Capital Wasteland, a clear homage to the story behind the famous Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington D.C.

operation anchorage fallout 3 war memorial

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8. If you keep your eyes open in Fallout 4 you'll find that the sunglasses wearing-companion Deacon had been tailing you in disguise across the Commonwealth before he formally makes his introduction.

deacon what a day fallout 4

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9. In Fallout 2, your companion Cassidy mentions having a heart condition, which will immediately kill him if you force him to use certain chems

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10. Among the many sci-fi callbacks in Fallout 2 is the "Crashed whale" a reference to Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. You can loot daisies from the corpse (though in the book the whale was joined by a bowl of petunias named Agrajag).

hidden details in fallout games - crashed whale, hitchhikers guide reference

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11. Before you fix the solar arrays at the Nellis Air Force Base in Fallout: New Vegas, the computer terminal will read "ERROR #P38C4K". Anyone who's worked in Tech Support is probably familiar with the acronym "PEBKAC", as it means "Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair".

hidden details in fallout games - 'problem exists between keyboard and chair'

source: fallout.wikia.com / ZeniMax Media 


12. Near Swan's Pond you can find the Prost Bar, a clear homage to the sitcom Cheers with a skeletal Norm and Cliff (notice the Postman's uniform) still sitting side by side. Prost is the German word for "cheers".

hidden details in fallout games - cheers reference

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