'ant man and the wasp questions' - why not give ant man wings

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1. How did Scott mail his original suit back to Luis?

'ant man and the wasp questions'

Marvel Studios

Early in the film, Scott swears up and down that he destroyed his original Ant-Man suit - which is kinda in and of itself a huge red flag. How could he possibly have destroyed it? He was beaten at the big airport battle, fainted, and was immediately (presumably) arrested - since he was completely surrounded by Sokovia Accords-approved Avengers. How would he have had time to take off his suit AND destroy it? Wouldn't the government have immediately seized it?

As it turns out, he didn't destroy it at all - instead, he shrunk it down and mailed it to Luis for safe keeping! Which, uh, is even MORE baffling. Not only did he have time to remove his suit without anyone stopping him or arresting him, he also had time to shrink it down, get an envelope and a stamp, and find a mailbox to drop it in. If he was able to do all of that, he might as well have just shrunk himself down still in the suit and ESCAPED ARREST.

This all becomes EVEN LESS LIKELY when he explains that - after becoming Giant Man - it took so much out of him that he slept for three days straight. Did he only collapse AFTER mailing out his suit???

The answer? Pym Particles.

2. So....like....why DIDN'T Hank give the Ant-Man suit wings?

'ant man and the wasp questions' - why not give ant man wings

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The difference between the Ant-Man and Wasp outfits are pretty notable - Wasp has blasters and wings, and Ant-Man....just doesn't? Maybe blasters were a more recent innovation (and Scott had previously been using Hank Pym's original old suit), but we know that the wings had been around and working great since the days of Hank and Janet working for SHIELD. And, for the life of me, I don't get PRACTICALLY why Hank wouldn't give the Ant-Man suit wings.

The way Ant-Man's able to travel is by hopping a ride on flying ants. That's PRETTY MUCH IT. And given ants aren't always readily available (or, as we see later on, prone to being eaten by aggressive seagulls), that's not really the most reliable option. Know what is more reliable? HAVING WINGS ON YOUR DAMN SUIT. Wasp is able to fly and travel with ease at all times - why needlessly handicap whoever's currently in the Ant-Man suit? Even if Hank's mostly concerned with "branding," the movie shows that A LOT OF ANTS DO HAVE WINGS.

The answer? Pym Particles.

3. Why did Hope and Luis keep turning their vehicles back to normal size during the chase?

'ant man and the wasp questions' - why not keep their vehicles small?

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The big climax of the film involves a wild car chase through the streets of San Francisco between the forces of Sonny Burch, Ghost, and Team Pym (aided by Luis). The advantage that Team Pym has is that they have an array of vehicles that can shrink and re-grow in an instant, which they use to outwit and disorient their pursuers.

Except, the way they actually use that technology makes no goddamn sense.

See, they keep shrinking down for a moment, only to regrow a bit later - and repeat this over and over. But if their main goal is to just escape and lose Sonny and Ghost, all they would ACTUALLY have to do is shrink down, then go drive into some bushes or hide in a crack or BASICALLY ANYTHING. There's no actual REASON to ever resize themselves, which just puts them back in danger of being shot or crashed into. Staying small for a longer period time would allow them to completely disappear from the antagonists, then they could regrow whenever the baddies were out of sight. Instead, they do something else...

4. Also, why were they causing CRAZY TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS FOR NO REASON?

'ant man and the wasp questions' - Why are there so many car crashes?

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Here's the thing about having a crazy car chase in downtown San Francisco in the middle of the day - it's crowded. Real crowded. You'd think Hope van Dyne would take this into consideration during the car chase, and find a nonviolent solution to escaping Burch and Ghost in order to not put a ton of lives at risk. But you'd be wrong.

Hope's solution is to shrink down, get her van underneath the bad guy cars, then regrow to violently flip them in whatever direction fate decides - and do tons of other stuff (like luring the cars into crashing down a swervy downhill road) that looks like it probably could have or should have caused a TON of civilian deaths.

This is obviously nowhere NEAR the scale of careless destruction and endangerment in some other superhero films we could name (MAN OF STEEL), but there's a similarity - Hope and Luis are never really concerned with civilian casualties, and are willfully ignoring the less dangerous solution. Sure, it makes for a more entertaining and exciting chase (shrinking down and disappearing would have made the chase last all of 30 seconds), but you'd think they would at least ACKNOWLEDGE the wanton destruction and danger they're causing.

5. Why wasn't Sonny Burch replaced with Justin Hammer?

'ant man and the wasp questions' - Why wasn't Sonny Burch replaced with Justin Hammer

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Sonny Burch is fun! I love Walton Goggins with all of my heart, and he plays the Southern tech sleazeball as well as anyone could. That all being said - WHY WASN'T THIS CHARACTER JUSTIN HAMMER?

Justin Hammer is one of the best, most underrated villains in the MCU - played to sleazy, insecure perfection by Sam Rockwell, and simply feels like a discarded victim of everyone agreeing that Iron Man 2 was pretty forgettable. But this was honestly the perfect opportunity for him to return - he's out of prison, his reputation for evil was too tarnished by the events of IM2 to get back into legitimate arms dealing, so he pivoted to black market illegal tech dealing. He's got the same wiry sleaze, the same love of suits, and the same level of "more greedy than evil." Plus, there could be the added layer of both Hammer and Team Pym's genuine distaste for the Starks that could have been something fun to play with.

Again, Goggins did great - but SOMEONE at Marvel needs to start concerning themselves with bringing villains (other than Loki) back in multiple films. Seriously, if we're ever gonna get Thunderbolts, LET'S GET HAMMER BACK. That glimpse in the Trevor short film was simply not enough.

6. Why doesn't Ant-Man go completely unconscious for several days after turning into the giantest Giant Man he ever has done?

'ant man and the wasp questions' - Why doesn't ant-man pass out after becoming a giant?

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Remember when Scott says he passed out for THREE FULL DAYS after doing his Giant-Man thing in Berlin? So what exactly is going on when he passes out for maybe like ONE MINUTE when he goes EVEN GIANTER in the San Francisco Bay? Hope's able to wake him up and have him fully energized almost instantly! Which wouldn't be a big deal if they hadn't made a specific point to mention earlier in the film that turning into Giant Man makes you pass out FOR SEVERAL DAYS.

7. Where the hell did Janet get her cool Mad Max-style robe and futuristic spear? What was she eating the whole time? HOW IS SHE STILL SANE?!

'ant man and the wasp questions' - where does janet get her cool robe and spear?

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Okay - A LOT of the questions I have about Janet simply boil down to the fact that we get to spend a grand total of like 4 minutes with her (not counting her time as Scott-Janet) and she never gets a chance to go into detail as to what her life has actually been like for the past 30 years. All we know for certain is that she was trapped in the Quantum Realm and unable to resize herself or escape. But we do know that the Quantum Realm....does NOT have a lot to offer.

How was Janet eating? Did she even NEED to eat there? How did she make that cool cloth-y robe/poncho thing? Where would the material for that even have come from? Where did she get that cool blade-spear thing? Did she MAKE them with whatever weird quantum powers she developed? Why couldn't she use those quantum powers to escape the Quantum Realm? HOW DID SHE NOT GO INSANE BEING TRAPPED IN A FREAKY DRUG TRIP-STYLE DIMENSION COMPLETELY ALONE FOR THIRTY YEARS WITH NO REAL HOPE OF ESCAPE?!

The answer? PYM PARTICLES (and, hopefully, a sequel)


'ant man and the wasp questions' - why bring janet back just to kill her?

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I mean - I figured at least a few people would need to get dusted in the mid-credits sequence to help tie in Ant-Man to the larger Infinity War story, but in an ESPECIALLY cruel move, the ENTIRE PYM FAMILY WAS DUSTED. I get dusting Hank, I even get dusting Hope - but dusting Janet? RIGHT after she escaped from a 30 year multidimensional hellscape? That's just MEAN. Plus, it might have been a lot of fun to see Janet and Scott learning to work together (maybe both could have been sent into the Quantum Realm to gather quantum energy?). I guess that'll have to wait, but for now - TIME VORTEXES!

9. Why can't Scott get out of the Quantum Realm this time?

'ant man and the wasp questions' - why does scott get stuck in the quantum realm

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So - the mid-credits sequence ends with Scott hopelessly trapped in the Quantum Realm by himself, with no way to communicate with the outside world, and prrrrrobably very strongly considering diving into some of those Time Vortexes Janet helpfully mentioned immediately before Thanos balanced the universe. Except....Scott being trapped in the Quantum Realm has already happened, and he got out of it PRETTY EASILY at the end of the first Ant-Man. All he had to do was pop a growth disk into his suit and WHAM! Back to normal size. Why can't he do that here? Given there's a bit of a time leap - I would imagine Hank fixed all the bugs in the new Ant-Man suit, so that shouldn't be an issue (plus, would they send him into the Quantum Realm with a faulty suit?). Just seems weird to hinge the entire cliffhanger on something that was resolved at the end of the last movie.

10. How is the movie THIS FUN?

'ant man and the wasp questions'

I'm not going to argue that Ant-Man and the Wasp was any sort of revolutionary or even impactful superhero movie - it's not. It's light, it's fun, and...it's NICE. It's just unbelievably pleasant and enjoyable the whole way through, with plenty of solid jokes and gags, lots of fun size-shenanigans, and some genuinely heartwarming moments (CASSIE'S SMILE, MY GOD). And - in a pretty exciting twist - there really aren't any VILLAINS. Ghost is simply a misguided-but-understandable antagonist who wants to NOT DIE, Bill Foster is trying to save someone he rescued as a child, and both are able to be talked down from doing anything actually villainous (as Ghost briefly toys with doing). Even Sonny and his gang aren't THAT bad - all they want is to steal a big lab and sell it for a ton of money. They don't REALLY want to hurt anyone if they can help it - you can easily imagine in a darker, grittier superhero film Burch being a total sadist and torturing Luis and the X-Con crew, instead of the fun 'truth serum' business.

'ant man and the wasp questions' - how is the movie this fun?

And really, it was the perfect film to follow-up the operatic grimness of Infinity War, with its grand scale and hopeless ending. Ant-Man and the Wasp was self-contained, fun and peppy, and filled with tons of wonderful surprises (HOW FUN WAS RANDALL PARK'S FBI AGENT? SO FUN). It was just a real nice fun film. Not essential in and of itself, but a great palette cleanser after IW.

And goddamn does Evangeline Lilly kick ass.