About two months after the film's premiere, Marvel superfan / obsessive / getting into real dangerous territory here fella @NemRaps has officially seen Avengers: Infinity War 69 times. SIXTY-NINE TIMES (update: it's now 70). It should be noted that he achieved this feet in EXACTLY 60 days (between April 27th and June 26th) - just as a reminder that he did see it MORE than once a day on a few occasions.

Revisiting this guy's feed has been a nice treat, honestly - I really enjoyed Infinity War, but I don't know if I have the stamina or drive to sit through the movie more than twice in theaters, let alone 70+ times (and ALWAYS while wearing a Marvel shirt, no less). Digging into his Twitter a bit, I noticed he'd been answering questions and offering some insights into his habits, mindset, and general strategies around this genuinely gonzo lifestyle he's adopted, and thought I would share with you all:

On how many people he sees in theaters at this point (2 months after release):

On what happens to your brain after watching the same movie 69 times in a row:

On how long he'll keep going back (it sounds like "as long as it's still in theaters"):

On what he plans to do about the movie after it HAS left theaters:

On watching the same trailers over and over (and over and over):

On whether he stays for the end credits every time:

Honestly, bless this dude. @NemRaps, if you're ever in the New York area and wanna see Infinity War for the 71st time or whatever, we'd love to take you to a showing.