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The world is blessed - because we're about to get Ant-Man and The Wasp delivered unto us, and (from the sound of things), it's going to be the sweet chocolate lava cake dessert to follow-up Infinity War's hearty, filling main course (this metaphor makes sense, trust me). Acting much like the first Ant-Man (which was the nice coda to Phase 2 of the MCU, and followed-up the extremely self-serious Age of Ultron), this one's going to be light, fun, and filled with size- and insect-based gags.

Importantly, it will be the first time a female lead has had her character represented in the title of an MCU film. Which is very important in and of itself (it seriously took the MCU 10 years to get a woman character's name in the title - and she's only 50% of it here), but what makes it even better is that it's The Wasp. The Wasp (although the Janet van Dyne version, not Hope) was one of the founding members of the Avengers, and one of the most important characters in Marvel's long and storied history. And here - she's played by Evangline Lilly.

And Evangeline Lilly kicks ass.


While most press junket interviews tend to be mild, slightly goofy, uneventful affairs, Evangeline Lilly isn't super-concerned about all that - right out the gate, she's talking about how her male contemporaries in superherodom whine too much about how uncomfortable their costumes are because men aren't used to having to dress uncomfortably in the same way women are.

And not only that, but she follows it up by BRINGING HER LEG UP OVER HER HEAD. Goddamn, why wasn't she part of the MCU from the beginning?


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Much is made of the impressive physiques of the Marvel men - AND RIGHTFULLY SO. I mean, the gratuitous shirtless shots of Chris Hemsworth are about as close to an apology as we'll ever get from Marvel for taking so long to make a movie starring and/or directed by a woman. But EXTREMELY rarely is there any attention given to the workout regimen / physiques of the ladies of the MCU - but now, the conversation is gonna happen no matter what, because Evangeline Lilly got goddamn JACKED. She's always had a muscular figure (since the Lost days, at least), but damn. She's got abs on par with Paul Rudd (another person I never expected to have rippling abs):

Evangeline Lilly - wasp and antman

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3. She's not afraid to be silly

Okay - so we know Evangeline Lilly isn't afraid to go hard AND get hard (muscle-wise), but there's more to her than the serious, aggressive side. Really, she's just extremely silly and goofy - and that's great. You can't define her so simply - she'll play Miss Mary Mack during press junkets, and be the goofiest person in a photoshoot where everyone else is concerned about looking good:

4. She knows what this kind of representation means

The Wasp being a titular character - and probably the more competent hero in Ant-Man and the Wasp - is meaningful. If you don't understand that, or understand why this would be such an enormous deal to a huge section of the populace, I really honestly don't know what to say to you. Probably best to just listen to Evangeline Lilly's words - as a woman and a mother of a young boy - and hopefully that will help illuminate things for you.


Okay, I read like one book on quantum mechanics in high school and thought I was the smartest person alive for a while, even though I really didn't have any actual interest in the subject. But listen to Evangeline Lilly expound on the implications of quantum mechanics - and their role in Ant-Man and the Wasp, their implications for the real world, and generally just geeking out about the weirdest and coolest scientific field out there. All while Paul Rudd, our sweet gentle boy, stares at her in total astonishment, and can only relate to her (VERY INTELLIGENT) expounding on scientific theory with some stoner jokes. SHE IS A SCIENTIST, PAUL, LEAVE YOUR CHEECH AND CHONG BULLSHIT AT HOME.

6. She's honest and truly GETS what this means in the grand scale of things

Originally, Wasp was going to be introduced in Civil War (as an extended cameo, similar to Ant-Man) - and Evangeline Lilly knew that would be a mistake. Treating the character of Hope van Dyne as an afterthought (especially after spending a whole movie reiterating how good she would be at a job that was still handed over to a mediocre dude) would have been an enormous mistake - but Marvel (led by the all-knowing Kevin Feige) ultimately decided against it, allowing Wasp to be introduced in her own film. The fact that Evangeline Lilly didn't want to be a part of one of the biggest Marvel films ever simply because she understood and respected what her character could represent says a lot.

The Wasp is a FOUNDING MEMBER of the Avengers. She deserves respect.


Honestly, Marvel - read the room. How do you not realize now is the IDEAL time to do A-Force??? For those unfamilair, A-Force is - essentially - an all-female superhero team of Avengers, a concept originated in the 2015 crossover event Secret Wars. And it kicks ass. It ALSO gives Marvel an excuse to add Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk) to the roster, which is long overdue, and could serve as an excellent introduction to Kamala Khan (in a similar role to Peter Parker in Civil War). After the success of Wonder Woman, it's honestly bonkers Marvel hasn't ALREADY announced this.


love Lost. It's honestly one of the best, most memorable TV experiences I've ever had. That all being said, I'm not sure if I would ever recommend Lost to someone, given it's a show that places so much emphasis on mystery elements that it fails to ever address very well. Still, one thing Lost always got right was it's character-work - emotionally-speaking, Lost never really lost its groove. And what is the finale of Lost but a compilation of emotional highs (and logical lows, I'll admit)? Evangeline Lilly recognizes this and defends it - and in an age where it's SO easy to beat up on Lost, it's refreshing to hear someone standing up for it. I loved Kate, I love Evangeline Lilly, and I hope everyone else sees how goddamn incredible she is until the end of time.