As the summer months begin, it's the time of year when families make pilgrimage to the happiest place on earth. A monument to nostalgia, technology, creativity and unabashed capitalism, Walt Disney World is a marvel of human effort and the memories created there can last a lifetime. But despite all the appeals to "magic" the fact is that the park is a very real flesh and blood production... and as long as people have been weaving fantasy, there's been others hungry to look past the illusions.

Scouring r/askreddit as a resource, we went crawling through confessionals and stories to find some of the more lesser-known facts about the best thing to happen to Florida since citrus.

Here's 8 that made us drop our Dole Whips in shock.


To start us off, ShibaInusForever adds a new twist to a common "fun fact"

Disney World is actually on a "second floor." When you enter the park, you must walk up. This is because on the ground level "or first floor" is where they put their "underground tunnels" to transport workers secretly throughout the park. They couldn't actually build underground tunnels since Disney World is on swampland.

It's kind of weird to think about it, but the famous "underground tunnels" aren't technically underground, it's the rest of the park (or at the very least, the Magic Kingdom) that's actually one story off the ground.


If you meet someone who says they work for Disney and you ask them if they dress up as a character and they say, no, but Im friends with Mickey They are Mickey

FoxyGrandpa gives this factoid that's corroborated by several other sources

If you meet someone who says they work for Disney and you ask them if they dress up as a character and they say, "no, but I'm friends with Mickey"

They are Mickey

The level of control that the company exerts over its staff to maintain the illusion is LEGENDARY, and one of the most bizarre examples is the alleged rule that if a "performer" reveals their identity to non-staff, that can be grounds for termination.


Cleanliness is part of every cast members job They teach the Disney scoop picking up trash while not breaking your stride at new hire orientation called Traditions

This one from myfriendjack511 seems simple

Cleanliness is part of every cast member's job. They teach the "Disney scoop" (picking up trash while not breaking your stride) at new hire orientation called Traditions

I tried to find footage of this forbidden jutsu, but more importantly, the fact that everyone, not just the custodial staff is expected to tidy up quietly and efficiently shows just how much cleanliness is prioritized at the parks.


amiker7709 spreads the story of some brave birds.

When I worked at WDW, they told us that, in the greenspace around the theme parks (part of the Reedy Creek Improvement District), Disney keeps a few pens of chickens. The chickens aren't for eating - they're for checking to see if they show signs of mosquito-borne illnesses, like West Nile. Disney does a lot to keep the mosquito population down as it is, but the chickens are just one more way to monitor the potential spread of life-threatening illness in the area.

Apparently, this is a common method for disease control in Florida and other at-risk regions, but the next time you slather on the OFF! spray on your way to EPCOT, thank the nearby cluckers for standing on the first line of defense.



One of the most legendary attractions has a dark secret according to Minidooper

People keep trying to spread the ashes of dead relatives at the parks. This is supposedly very problematic on the haunted mansion and big thunder mountain. Every time it happens disney have to shut down the ride and send in a clean up crew in hazmat suits.

But the truth is even more macabre, as told by JMan822

Former Haunted Mansion Cast member here. Can confirm they shut down the ride, but they only send a custodian with vacuum cleaner to clean it up.

I saw this happen atleast once a month.


A lot of the flag poles in the parks have fake flags theyre just meant to be lightning rods

Sorry about the clickbait, but the pun is too good to resist as you'll soon see thanks to ethnt 

A lot of the flag poles in the parks have fake flags -- they're just meant to be lightning rods

It's a brilliant solution, skip a couple of stars and miss a stripe or two and what you have is a tasteful piece of all-american regalia that helps you prevent fires AND isn't subject to the ceremonial responsibilities of flying the old red, white, and blue.




HEY_BAWS gives us this surprisingly obvious piece of trivia

Disney is the second largest purchaser of explosives in the country, right behind the military.



the beatles officially broke up

It's weird to think about, but 31theories drops this truth bomb

The Beatles officially broke up at Disney World. John Lennon signed the contract that legally dissolved the band while he was staying at the Polynesian Resort across from Cinderella's castle.