12 People Remember Their Cringiest Fanfiction Writing Memories

Fanfiction is a magical thing, typically something that grabs ahold of you when you're at a young age and have only recently started developing any writing ability. The thing is that we're young, and the idea of writing something original is BORING - especially when we have favorite books and shows and movies that ALREADY have fully fleshed-out worlds and characters. Instead of creating all that stuff from scratch, why not invent my OWN version of [other thing]? It seems to make a lot of sense (at the time, at least), and...you go for it.

It almost never turns out well. Again, you really have no idea how to write at that age - and, especially in your mid-teens, you're still coming out of a post-puberty daze, so lots of weird sexuality tends to find its way into your writing. The net result is Sonic the Hedgehog giving your self-insert character Dylan the Edgehog (like a hedgehog, but MUCH edgier) a BJ while Tidus and Cloud Strife watch. Also it's 10,000 words somehow and you've uploaded it onto your xanga blog and now it's there forever. Oops.

And while the fanfiction itself is an incredible timecapsule of a certain moment in your life, I'm always curious about how people feel about it TODAY - years and years after they've grown and matured and have been given the gift of foresight. So when this r/AskReddit thread popped up, I couldn't wait to dig into the answers:

1. countesscephalopod

I wrote Star Wars fanfiction in which members of the Jedi Council were on some kind of talent show that involved shitty covers of top 40 pop songs that came out in 2010.

This is bringing up memories I've been trying to repress for 10 years....

In my defense for not doing the math, I wrote Star Wars fanfiction about the Jedi Council singing Britney Spears. Do you really think I have the mental capacity to add two numbers together?

(Also I rounded up. Sorry.)

2. BuffaloBuckbeak

Once I wrote a super dramatic fanfic about an OC kissing Draco Malfoy. I was so proud of it that I made my dad read it.

3. brickmack

I made an entire 30 minute Bionicle movie. With a sex scene. Between Takua and Jaller.

I showed it to a friend and then promptly deleted it because it dawned on me halfway through the showing that it might actually be the worst work of fanfiction ever produced

4. I_Love_Coldplay

Later that day, Spider-Man ran up to Tony, panicking.

"What do you want, Spider-Boy?" Tony asked.

"I... I ... I accidentally webbed.... all over Pepper," Spider-Man said.

"SPIDER-BOY! NO!" Tony shouted. "You have to be gentle with her! She's pre-"

He then cut himself off.

"She's what?" Spider-Man asked, climbing the wall.

"Nothing, Spider-Boy," said Tony. "Go clean her up."

"Nah, climbing is more fun," said Spider-Man.

"Well, then, I'm going to check on her," said Tony. "She's probably crying now."

"Aw, she cries too much," Spider-Man said. "Is something wrong with her?" "No, no. Nothing is wrong," said Tony. "Mind your own business. And GET. OFF. OF. MY. CEILING."

Tony went to find Pepper, and found her lying on the floor with white, sticky stuff all over her dress.

"Pepper, are you okay?" he asked.

Pepper decided not to answer.

"ANSWER ME, PEPPER!" Tony yelled.

After she still didn't answer, Tony stomped out of the room.

5. breentee

Oh jeez, I wrote a Goddamn Danny Phantom fanfiction and put myself in the story where we fell in love. I attepted to write about a passionate kissing scene. Me, a 12 year old girl who had never kissed a real boy before, tried to imagine what kissing a fricking ghost would be like. I think my words were something like "His cold, dead lips felt like ice against mine. It's a good thing I like ice." I stopped writing the story and later deleted it after realizing just how cringy it was, but at the time, I thought it was a masterpiece.

6. naked_nun_run

"But, more likely than all of the options, it was because Leia was sitting on the edge of the bed, propped up on her elbows, legs spread and honey pot there for the taking. Han was goddamn Pooh Bear in that moment, and he wanted to do a lot more than taste her. "

7. StaplerLivesMatter

It's thankfully lost to time by now, but somewhere around the early 2000s I was deep into zombie-related fanfic and I was working on a story about a zombie outbreak at Disney World.

The first action set piece, before any zombies ever showed up, was a street fight between the response team and a group of costumed Disney mascots.

The line "Heigh-ho, motherfucker!" was used, followed by one of the Seven Dwarves getting curb stomped. 0_0

I never actually got to the zombies. I burned out all my energy trying to make the mascot street fight work.


I've kind of blocked it out but I think I wrote Pokemon/Digimon crossover fic where they hack the Digiverse and gain supernatural powers but then some of them encounter an even greater hacker and get possessed and mind controlled by him.

Those days of just before puberty

9. SuperRadPsammead

I wrote myself into lord of the rings as not even a Mary Sue but just as me. I married Legolas. The best part is definitely that this was in the 90s so it was even before the movies were made.

10. Lost_the_Spalling_Be

I'm an adult who still writes fanfiction. I switched accounts at one point so some of my cringiest works aren't the first thing you see on my page.

I wrote 97 chapters of a Danny Phantom work. It started out okay enough for preteen standards, but near the end it went off. The. Rails. I worked in this entire apocalyptic alternate past that made no sense at all. Danny's sister from that universe then murdered his sister from the normal universe and Danny spent the rest of the story in mega-grief mode. His sister then actually comes back from the dead, but not really because Danny can't see her. I tried to do a sequel where he turns evil from the grief, but I never finished it. Thank god.

I tried to write a story in French. I didn't get far, because I don't speak French.

I also tried to be all progressive at one point and write only with they/them pronouns. It was completely awful; everybody had the same pronoun, so I either had to use their specific name every time or nobody would know what the fuck was going on. Instead of helping spread awareness, a lot of readers just thought it was the dumbest thing.

I'm sure when I look back at what I'm doing years from now, I'll cringe at what I'm writing. But I kind of like that, because it means I've improved.

11. sjdhagfk09

A ton of poorly worded Les Miserables gay porn, you have no idea.

On the bright side, I learned more about oral sex from reading fanfic than anything else.

12. Yuli-Ban

It was so bad, it got a dramatic reading.


There was also this ultra-serious somewhat self-aware Sonic fanfiction I planned. I actually wrote about 100,000 words of it and that was still only barely, barely a fraction of the entire story. I never even got to the last arc of the first third of the first half of the story because I realized I was wasting my life when I could have been doing so many more productive things. The messed up part is that I don't even think it was that bad of a story, functionally. If it wasn't a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction or unironically taking itself seriously, there could have been something usable there.TV Tropes keeps it alive for some fucking reason despite the fact I've completely discontinued it five fucking years ago with no intention of returning to it. I think the only place is still up is Archive of our Own, and that's just because I couldn't be arsed to remove it.

And, just because we love it so much, here's our favorite fanfiction piece of all-time. And yes, it's 100% serious and real: