One of the keys to great pokemon designs is how their visual look, personality, and elemental typing all work together to reinforce a sense of character. Ferocious fire monsters, friendly water creatures, and sage plants, they all make sense with what we know about the natural world. So when fanartists twist the formula in this one small way it WARPS our expectations and turns the familiar into something strange and new. 

Here's 10 creators who took our favorite mons and shuffled the deck in unexpected ways:

1. Gen I Starters - Evolved by agatharights



2. Hoenn Region Starters by DevilDman (follow on instagram)

fake pokemon fanart fakemon Treecko Mudkip torchic

3. Type-Swapped Alola-Region Starters by CJsux (instagram: @cjsux)`

electric type popplio primarina fakemon fake pokemon swaps
fire type rowlet pokemon
grass type litten


4. Fire-Type Sawsbuck and Deerling by Reina-Kitsune


5. Dark-Type Pikachu by snejkha (or @a_snejkha on twitter)

pikachu type swap challenge


6. Dark-Type Gen 2 Starters by krocodilian (also on twitter and instagram)

chikorita cyndaquil totodile



7. Pokemon X/Y Starters by ill_be_Frank_wit_you

chespin fennekin froakie