These are comics from around the internet fanart community and each one is the work of an artist that deserves recognition. If there's a comic you particularly enjoyed why not click on the artist's name and follow them on social media or see if they offer commisions.

If we've made an attribution error (or effed up in any other fashion) send an email to jake.young(at)electusdigital(dot)com.

1. Ana is a Cool Mom by Markraas (support on Patreon)

ana pharah fan comic overwatch funny healers support class


2. Gaze into the Meme by zenyouhoe

zenyatta gru meme comic

3. 2 Edgy 4 Mei by trin0dinz (see commission rates here)



4. "mercy no" by Narutoke

mercy new mic overwatch comics roadhog pulse bomb


5. Junkers Inc. by Mikky (follow on facebook)

facebook mikky tumblr fancomic junkrat roadhog dva funny comic overwatch fancomic

6. Mercy Meme by BokChoyYo


7. "Rhetorical Question" by questionartbox (support on ko-fi)

 u ok materoadhog junkrat fan art comic

8. Retribution Re-Draw by Bluebloodtanuki (support on ko-fi)



9. Roadhog Plays Nice by FeelinDroopy (available for commissions)

roadhog spray play nice comic


10. Orisa's Birthday by Widowmaker daily (support on Patreon