Chicago may not boast the high-class continental class of New York City or the glitzy showbiz glam of LA, but what it does have is heart and a lot of cool midwestern nerds within driving distance. At this year's C2E2 some of the biggest geniuses in costume design came together to show off their goods in front of 80,000+ attendees to show their stuff and compete in the "Crown Championships of Cosplay". This mixture of inland fans and global talent is one of the reasons why C2E2 always manages to combine amateur authenticity with professional spectacle every year.

Here's 20 cosplay that dropped our jaws:

We're still scrambling to update the proper credits for this gallery, if you can help us ID these talented people please leave a comment or send an email to jake.young(at)electusdigital(dot)com

1. Western Spawn by Arlek1 Workshop

western spawn hello cosplay
photo by David Ngo


2. Reinhardt (Lionhardt skin) by Jeet Molankar

3. Vicar Amelia (Beast Form) from Bloodbourne by EggSistersFX

photos by David Ngo


4. HellGirl by @crown__of__laurels


5. Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan by @elizchitji and @kahn_junior

tonya harding cosplay i tonya c2e2 cosplay
photo via @SowaTheArrogant

6. "Wakanda Forever" Group by AfroQween Cosplay and  Nyvedna Productions

mbaku tchalla black panther shuri cosplay cosplay c2e2
photo via @EspionageMakeup


7. Coraline's "Other" Mother by Rhymes With Martini



8. Brigitte by Henchmen Studios and @moosefix

(whoops, looks like this one was from the ALSO popular PAX EAST!)

photo by Martin Wong Photography


9. The Joker by @surprised2cosplay


10. Anastasia Romanov by @JediManda

photo by Alexandra Lee Studios


11. Lilo and COBRA BUBBLES

disney cosplay lilo and stich cobra bubbles
photo via @SparkyROAR


12. Wookie Squad

wookies wookie cosplay c2e2 chicago best of star wars cosplay
photo via @c2e2


13. Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head -Silent Hill


14. Powdered Toast Man

C2E2 2018 Saturday L (166)


15. Galactus, Devourer of Worlds

C2E2 2018 Saturday L (263)


16. Warrior Woody Woodpecker by Buddy VanLoon

General Woodpecker


17. Sexy Inspector Gadget by Vera Bambi and Kuroshida Cosplay



18. TEEN GIRL SQUAD by @spencer.writes


19. Beetlejuice

photo by @aaroncynic


20. Charlie in the Mailroom (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)