While videogames limit you to whatever rules and parameters the developers laid out for you (and in the case of AAA titles, lengthy chuncks of cutscenes and tutorials), tabletop gaming is basically limited only by your imagination and the patience of your tablemates. While Dungeons and Dragons has mostly been a game about exploring Tolkein-esque tropes and archetypes, the creativity of its players has often found novel ways of subverting those cliches in ways that are both hilarious and (if you're a GM) nightmarishly annoying.

So when a question came up on r/askreddit, thousands of rpg veterans were ready to answer-

What is the most creative character you've seen someone play as?

Here's 8 creations that tickled out funny bones:


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TacticianRobin  shares his unlikely duo...

Simon and Garfunkel. It was just for a one-shot so I don't remember all the details. I believe Simon was a gnome wizard, and Garfunkel was a goliath fighter (or some other large race). Simon was a murderous psychopath that Garfunkel had accidentally paralyzed at some point in the past, to the point where Simon can't even speak. So he carries Simon around like a baby out of guilt, caring for him and protecting him. Simon's entire existence is seethed with rage, usually trying to kill Garfunkel and those around him, but always failing, with Garfunkel being completely unaware of Simon's burning hate for him.




gnome rogue jumps into liquid gold

TheLongAndWindingRd witnesses the birth of something beautiful...

There was a campaign where the party came across a magical cauldron filled with boiling gold. They were told they could drop an item in and it would be turned to gold while retaining all of its other properties and be imbued with intelligence. They were warned that the intelligence might be malevolent. While the party debated what to drop in the gnome rogue jumps in. He became gold coated which increased his armor class significantly but also became cursed with an evil alter ego. There was much rolling to determine when and for how long he was forced to play as chaotic evil.


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Major_Loser runs into some balancing issues

Did a Min Max build to create a damage monster of a fighter, had to short-change him in certain areas as far as wisdom and intelligence goes. I realized this was a bad idea the 3rd or 4th time I died during a single session because Brick had trouble realizing what was dangerous and what was not. Eventually the cleric just tied a rope around his neck and led him around, that seemed to help a lot.



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GaoLaoShu introduces us to a simple man, with a simple mission

A campaign which began in an Arcane University, sort of Harry Potter-ish vibe.

A guy decided to play the janitor, a human named Dave. Dave the Janitor.

He was a fighter who fought with his mop. He almost died when he tried to "clean" a Gelatinous Cube.



necromancer who thought they were a cleric

ShitPostGuy (very trustworthy name) has a case of mistaken identity

A necromancer who thought they were a cleric. Only the player and DM knew and had a list translating what the player said they were doing and what they were actually doing ie. Spells, daily prep, so they others wouldn't catch on out of character.

In his formative years he came upon a book of forbidden spells. Being young and stupid he assumed it was a book of divine rituals. Fast forward several years and he wanders the land preaching about the Everlasting Life. He's skilled in first aid and potions because not every scrape requires divine intervention but has some spells that will bring someone back from "the brink of death." He also has a bodyguard who wears full plate who follows him around because he "owes a life-debt" doesn't talk much though. The other players never discussed removing their own armor, or eating, or using the toilet so nobody found it odd that the npc never did. The other players also never took points in knowledge arcane to discover the spell effects didn't match what they should.


chair chair polymorphed chair

Josh8010 shares his beautiful dream...

I haven't done it yet, but I've always wanted to play as a True Polymorphed chair. The chair was turned into a human (or any player race) and then started learning, maybe becoming a wizard himself. I don't know how anyone would ever know, since the change becomes permanent, but if he ever walked through an anti-magic field he would just turn back into a chair and be gone forever. And no one else would walk through there for fear of being turned into a chair.



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Cold_Pepperoni gives us the man, the myth, the legend

A player made a dwarf who was actually a human midget raised by dwarves. He was a barbarian and was modeled after machoman Randy Savage. He had a pet wolverine which he would throw at people while screaming "the fast ball special". Then wolverine didn't last too long. Randy through out the campaign slowly went insane due to his fear of magic. Randy then began cutting off people hands for no apparent reason, The legend of macho Man ended when he attempted to suplex a dragon.



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ImNotAnOctagon sends us home on a very magical and adorable note

 A lizard wizard. Not a cool, humanoid one, a gecko which could occasionally spat sparks.