For the past ten years, Marvel has been building up to tell the story of what happens when the most evil being in the universe collects the most powerful things in existence. So far, we've seen the awesome power of five of those stones, but the sixth one? We know nothing about it, aside from its name (the Soul Stone), its color (orange), and the fact that it will appear. Potentially. At some point. Probably.

However, despite the fact that there's not one solid scrap of fact about the Soul Stone, the internet at large has been spooling up all sorts of wild theories as to its exact nature and location. Some of these theories have an outside chance of being right, and some of them... do not. Here's some of the weirdest, coolest and most convincing theories about the Soul Stone. Place your bets now, since we're all going to find out who's right soon enough!

The Soul Stone is one of Saturn's moons


We'll start off with a doozy. What if we've already seen the Soul Stone? Specifically, what if if it's that huge orange planet in the Infinity Wars trailer? 

See, this idea makes sense given the Infinity Gauntlet's origins. In the original comics, the Soul Stone does have a planet (or dimension, or something) inside of it. And it's tinted orange at that! Marvel has specifically called out that planet as Titan, which is technically one of Saturn's many moons in real life. But in the MCU, Titan is the home world of Thanos. But what brings Marvel's biggest big bad and the Avengers to Titan during the events of Infinity War?  Is it just a coincidence that when the Guardians and Avengers take on the purple monster, it's happening on his home planet -- a planet that is orange, just like the Soul Stone?

The Best Theories About the Location of Marvel's Soul Stone

If Titan was the Soul Stone, that would explain why Thanos returned to his place of birth (a planet which the producers have said is pretty much dead). We're not saying that's definitely what's happening when Spidey gets the crap smacked out of him, but we are saying if the planet doesn't have some connection to an Infinity Stone it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for the Avengers and Thanos to even go there in the first place.

Captain Marvel's Home


When Tony Stark is greeted by Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man, Stark is told that he's now part of a larger universe. According to Marvel, that universe began expanding for Nick when he met Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. She is -- according to details released about her upcoming movie -- a supersoldier whose powers are beyond that of anyone else in the Marvel Universe. Here's the thing though. Captain Marvel's movie, which is apparently about the title character getting caught up in an interplantary war, is set in the 90s. And Captain Marvel's actress, Brie Larson, isn't aged down for the film, and it seems she won't be aged up for her appearance in the Avengers films. So... how come she hasn't aged in twenty some years? And why hasn't she been helping the Avengers Initiative? What's she been up to all this time? Golfing?

One theory is that she's inside the Soul Stone. See, in the comics, those who wield the powerful artifact are in danger of getting their very essences "stuck" inside the Soul Stone. Sometimes this can work out, because it's basically a paradise in there. However, some become unwilling prisoners of the Soul Stone. If that's the case for Captain Marvel, that would explain her long absence. Which means that even if Thanos claims all the other Infinity Stones, when he goes for the last jewel in his gauntlet, there'll be someone waiting for him.

Or Carol has just been drinking a lot of water and moisturizing hella well for the last 20 years.

Thanos' name hints towards the Soul Stone's location


There's a theory that says each of the Infinity Stones, thus far, represents one letter in Thanos' name. So, to spell  T.H.A.N.O.S. there's the Tesseract, the Space Stone; there's the Aether, the Reality Stone; the Eye of Agamotto is a Necklace, and the Time Stone; Orb -- for what the Power Stone was hidden in; and S for Scepter, the Mind Stone's casing, as seen in the first two Avengers films. Aside from "Necklace," it's a fairly good list -- but as you might have noticed, the H in THANOS is missing.

Some people think it stands for Howard, as in Howard Stark. After all, Tony Stark is shown in promotional material, aligned with the Soul Stone. Then there's those who think it's Heimdall -- or his all seeing eyes (which would explain him being blind during the vision in Age of Ultron). But some think it's Heart aka the worst Planateer power.

But not just a random heart. Specifically, Gamora's. Or maybe actually the heart belonging to Thanos. It's complicated.


Here's the basic idea -- what if, to take possession and use the Soul Stone, you need to sacrifice something that you love? For Thanos, there's very few things he loves, aside from Gamora, who he has specifically called his favorite child. She's not someone he loves the way you probably love your friends or family, but he does love her after a fashion. So, this theory says, to gain control over -- or maybe even reveal -- the Infinity Stone, he must kill something he loves. That would mean Gamora will die, and the MCU will get a little less diverse yet again.

If this is true and the Soul Stone is aligned with Heart, and we have Tesseract, Heart, Aether, Necklace, Orb, Scepter, or T.H.A.N.O.S. Which is almost comic booky enough for us to think it's true.

The Soul Stone is in Wakanda


So far, each Infinity Stone has had an entire movie of its own. Leading up to the release of Infinity War, and just after the Time Stone was introduced in Doctor Strange, all eyes were on Wakanda. After all, Black Panther is the last Marvel movie before the big crossover epic, part of which was slated to take place in T'Challa's kingdom. It would make sense to introduce the Soul Stone alongside a character who can talk to dead people. And if that whole "T.H.A.N.O.S." theory is true, then the Heart-Shaped Herb sure has a lot of H's doesn't it? Or maybe the asteroid of vibranium itself contained the Soul Stone somewhere in there?

Phenomenon though it was, Black Panther came and went, with the Soul Stone nowhere in (explicit) sight. After the film, obsessive nerds dug through and came up with a dozen different theories about where the Soul Stone could be -- only to get shot down by the director of the movie.

Of course, Marvel Studios has a lot riding on keeping their secrets. It wouldn't be out of the question for a director to straight up lie about a franchise's future plans. After all, JJ Abrams lied about Khan -- and that wasn't even a good movie series! So while there's a chance this is true, odds are against it. Vibranium, Wakanda, the heart-shaped herb, and the ancestral plane all seem to be Infinity Stone-free. Which, after almost ten years of movies centering entirely around a couple glowing rocks, is actually pretty cool.

The Soul Stone will not appear in Infinity War


All right, so for this one, we've got the most far out there guess about the location of the Soul Stone. And that is... in another movie, specifically Avengers 4. While the Soul Stone has been built up lately -- in the MCU Infinity Wars prelude comic and in fan's hearts -- there's a good chance that it might not appear in Infinity War at all. Heck, even Captain Marvel and Ant-Man & The Wasp might be Soulless! If this theory is correct, as the Space Stone was the McGuffin of Avengers, the Soul Stone might be the McGuffin of Avengers 4.

After all, when going toe to toe with the Mad Titan Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet, what else are the heroes going to do besides attempt to find find the rest of the Infinity Stones? If this theory is correct, Avengers 4 might be even weirder than we thought. Heck, the Soul Stone itself might be different than we're imagining. If it an entire movie gets devoted to it, to mark the end of the first ten years of Marvel movies, then it's gotta be one heck of a powerful mineral.

As for which of these theories is right, well, who knows! We'll just have to wait and see when Avengers: Infinity Wars comes out. If we're lucky. If not, well, Avengers 4 isn't that far away. And who knows, by then, maybe the MCU will have the X-Men rights all tied up and the Stones might change hands again. Tough to imagine Wolverine with an Infinity Stone? It's happening right now in the comics. 


You said it, bub.