Considering the viral success of Rick and Morty, which has only grown since Season 3 ended last year, you too would be pretty shocked by this bombshell just casually dropped by series co-creator Dan Harmon.


It's a bit of a Catch-22, Harmon rebuffed an (arguably) entitled fan, only to spark an even MORE intense response from the fanbase. 

The show itself never seemed to take itself too seriously, so maybe the powers that be have decided that the series has run its course?

Not that the rabid parts of the fandom has done itself any favors recently

Then again, geeks have a history of waiting longer-than-usual for their favorite franchises to return

For many, the show's dark humor and meta-narrative makes it a standout form of media, one that uniquely reflects our times and offers catharthis in a seemingly shitty reality

Most viewers don't really care how the sausage is made, they just want to see their favorite characters again, no matter how it happens



The question remains, is there something going on behind the scenes that's preventing Adult Swim from renewing?

While that's sorted out, TRUE animation fans are asking the real big questions...