We get it. You two are in charge of one of the largest film projects in cinematic history - one poised to completely disrupt the Marvel Cinematic Unvierse, also known as the most successful movie experiment in recent memory. You two went from sitcom directors to Winter Soldier (still the best Marvel film, nbd) and have been given the keys to the biggest prize Kevin Feige had to offer - the culmination of the first era of Marvel movies.

And - with less than two months until the film's release on April 27th, 2018 - there has only been ONE SINGLE TRAILER.


It now stands at over 150,000,000 views - easily the most successful and widely-viewed movie trailer ever on Youtube. So, yeah, people are into this. But this is also the CROWN JEWEL of Marvel - and we're getting close to being a mere month away from its release...AND WE'VE ONLY HAD ONE SINGLE TRAILER?!

For context, the 2nd trailer for Age of Ultron (released around the same time at the beginning of the summer) came out in EARLY JANUARY. It is now MID-MARCH, and I'm stuck re-watching the same footage over and over and imagining what else is happening. And to add insult to injury, the directors of the film are using INTERNET MEMES to TEASE US about the trailer.

The "? ? ?_? ??" emoji has been heavily popularized around begging for the second Infinity War trailer for weeks now, on r/MarvelStudios and across Tumblrs and forums all around the internet (although, in my heart, I'll always associate it with Twitch Plays Pokemon). So - either someone who runs the Russo Bros. social media has been hanging out on reddit, or the two of them have, just to laugh with glee as fans torture themselves in anticipation.



To give you some insight, r/MarvelStudios has - for the past week - had a stickied thread entitled "The 'Avengers: Infinity War' trailer 2 summoning thread, which looks like this:


But this also comes as a sign - hopefully, a sign that the 2nd trailer is incoming at any moment. Rumor has it that Infinity War tickets will go on sale starting at 9am EST on Friday, March 16th...so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume that that timing would coincide with the release of a 2nd trailer, to boost hype and increase ticket sales even further.

Still - I DON'T WANNA WAIT TIL FRIDAY MORNING, I WANT THAT TRAILER NOW. Where's Hawkeye? How's Vision's forehead doing? Who's voicing the Black Order? Does Thanos ever get his helmet? WHERE THE HELL IS THE SOUL STONE?!

Please - get me that trailer.

...or have it be a thing where there's ONLY THE FIRST TRAILER. Be the first major blockbuster in years to do anything like it - avoid spoiling anything with trailers, and just let pure hype market the film. Honestly? YOU COULD PROBABLY DO IT WITH THIS MOVIE.