John Boyega is a bright ball of sunshine in Hollywood. His breakout as Moses in the British sci-fi flick Attack The Block eventually led to his starring role as Finn in the Star Wars revivals The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi and to next-level stardom. He's also proven to be a humble and happy guy willing to get his geek on every once in a while. 

Ever since the press run for The Force Awakens, Boyega has gone out of his way to show himself (and fans) a great time by surprising them at events and even finding a cute family-friendly way to make Disney NDA contracts fun. We found a few below and we're sure to get even more once the run for his latest movie Pacific Rim: Uprising starts up in earnest. 

1. Cleaning plates in order to keep Star Wars secrets

2. When he surprised fans during a screening of the trailer for 'The Force Awakens' 

3. When he radiated optimism during a regular day on set

4. When we all felt for a celebrity who forgot their phone charger

5. When he joked about a trip to Adventure Time 

6. When he put an afrobeats song on the Pacific Rim soundtrack 

7. When he actually shouted out the creator of some fanart that he liked 

8. When he claimed Mark Hamil as his dad

9. When he and Stormzy tried to smile their way to Wakanda