Maybe it's the appealing character designs, the goofy sense of humor or maybe it's just because it's been on long enough to bridge the gap between generations. No matter the reason, Spongebob Squarepants has remained the most meme-able TV show in existence for years now. Just when it seems like the internet has exhausted every possible aspect of the show, someone screencaps an odd new frame of animation and boom, a new meme is born.

The above screencap is from the episode "Nature Pants," taken just before *looks at notes* Patrick pounces on Spongebob to capture him so that he stops thinking he's a jellyfish. It's been a reaction image for a little while now, but it came into its own as a meme this last week. People have been posting the image with a caption that recounts a time they've taken vindictive glee in doing something naughty. The meme doesn't have a proper name to our knowledge, so let's call it 'Evil Patrick' for now. (EDIT: Since publication of this article, KnowYourMeme has dubbed this meme "Savage Patrick")

 That's one of the tamest examples we could find. A lot of the Evil Patrick memes are extremely NSFW. Like, you might even gag a little. We'll show you what we're talking about, but don't say we didn't warn you.

1. Plenty of the Evil Patrick memes are relatable examples of asshole-ish behavior

2. ...and then there are the explicit, often very gross Evil Patrick memes

3. Some of them seem to be admitting to some sort of crime

4. This is what happens when everyone tries to one-up each other with gross-out memes. No one wins

5. When so many of the Evil Patrick memes are so hardcore, it makes simple, quaint memes like this even funnier

6. Evil Patrick can be applied to a lot of situations, including indecipherable fighting game terminology

7. At its best, Evil Patrick shows us how we feel on the inside when we have a shitty attitude and don't regret it

8. The meme can also be used to make fun of other people who seem to take joy in ruining other people's good time

9. It can be admittedly exhausting keeping up with all the new memes

10. Huh. They're not wrong. 

11. Overall, the Evil Patrick meme seems mostly alright

12. Nope. Nevermind. Forget it. Save yourself, bail out now