When Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first collaborated on The Fantastic Four, neither of them realized that they were on the cusp of a brand new comics universe, one where heroes had real problems, where galactic level threats were met by common people with extrordinary abilities. These heroes have spawned a multimedia empire that has basically consumed the world and now we're going to do what state legislatures usually spend WEEKS trying to debate and pass, we're assigning an official marvel hero to each state of the union (and we're going to do a better job than Marvel did with that "U.S.Avegers" book from last year, yes we know they did that).

This was an alarmingly difficult task for us, and if you disagree with our choices, we welcome your input in the comments.


strong guy alaska official state superhero

Stores lots of energy (in the form of oil), popular with older fans (cruise ships),

and is ridiculously, just comically huge. 


official state superheroes marvel alabama cloak and dagger

Despite many people's good intentions, most of their stories involve uncomfortable amounts of racial tension.


Arizona Doctor Strange funny states marvel official

Wears funky gemstone jewelry, believes in the healing power of their new-age religion, has seen things you wouldn't believe, man.




Home to over 660,000 Southern Baptists and the Walton Family (owners of Wal-Mart), nobody represents that intersection of big faith and big money like Warren Worthington III. 



California Black Panther Economy

Wealthy, independant, and constantly getting bogged down in immigration debates.


groot tall music thing

The tallest state (in terms of mean elevation) and ALL about those TREES.




connecticut namor the sub mariner

Once you get past some of the goofier nautical trappings,

it's kind of freaky how much wealth and power they wield.



jean grey delaware

Behind the boring, unassuming surface lies a dark and uncontrollable force that you cannot imagine... corporate tax breaks.



florida marvel heroes

Where else can friendly cartoons, '90s excesses, and horrific inexplicable violence find a home?