Shattering records and proving points, the success of Black Panther is the number one event in pop culture right now. While practically everyone's seen it already, it took a select few to leap from the movie theater directly to the drawing board. Here's 8 fan comics from artists who HAD to share their love ASAP (not counting the incredibly thirsty M'baku homages that you can find on your own thank you very much)

And of course, if there's a particular piece you like don't be shy about clicking the artist's name, follow their blogs and maybe even buy prints or a commission.

1. "WAKANDA POWER" by @cyanwhisky

black panther fan comic sailor moon mashup

black panther sailor moon




2. "I Never Freeze" by MintMintDoodles

black panther tchalla okaye

3. Beauty, Grace by @setiusART


4. Kids and Their Memes by Corina Tu



5. The Final Battle by

tchalla killmonger fight scene comic

6. Tony meets Shuri by southpauz



7. The Throne by pencilhead7

killmonger vs loki comic


8. Cultural Exchange by @racheljpierce