1. She's still doling out those hard truths even after a 14 year absence 



2. With enough hidden backstory that she should get her own solo prequel

illustration by Brigitta van Besouw

3. Her catchphrases are easily meme-ified.

No capes fill in coloring book

Reasons Why Edna Mode is The Best Part of
artwork by vinny-lator.tumblr.com


4. The inspiration for her character is practically a superhero herself

edna mode inspiration edith head fashion tumblr the incredibles 2

5. There's deeper things going on with Edna, beyond the simple "fashionista" parody. 




6. Upon rewatching the film, it's amazing how each of the main characters are driven to grow and change after speaking with her

what will you do is this a question confront the problem fight win
poster design by DawnPaladin


7. Incredibles director Brad Bird might have given her such an important role because HE'S the one doing her voice! 




8. Plus, that character design is just TOO expressive

edna mode grimace


9. We all want her confidence, her intelligence, and the uncontainable amounts of sass she brings to the table

words are useless gobble gobble gobble theres too much a mode incredibles quotesource 

10. Even diehard fans might not have seen this reality-bending cameo from the 2005 Academy Awards:


11. This one scene probably single-handedly altered the future of superhero costuming for generations





12. For such a small lady, she left a big impression