I've always wanted to live in the world of Guardians of the Galaxy. So many colorful planets to explore and alien species to kick my ass on ocassion. I don't have to look far to find enough fellow dorks who wouldn't mind spending time in a world that only exists in our imagination. Movies, comics, games, books, even those action figures you used to throw at your friends are important bits of escapism that light up the darkest parts of our lives. And even if it's not that deep, fun is fun! 

Redditors came together and gave up their fictional escape holes a while back. There's some obvious choices and some surprises, but you can feel the love and desperation in every comment. 

1. WArch has his priorities straight. Surprised at the lack of excitement for aliens, though. 

"Star Trek.

Life as an average citizen would be great as poverty was eliminated in the early 22nd century. Life on board a starship however would be awesome."

2. catsanddonuts is only interested in second breakfast and really dangerous fireworks.   

"The Shire, because then I would be a hobbit. I could eat 6 times a day and smoke a ton of pipe-weed."

3. These possibilities truly are endless, chemical_echo. Especially since time will just restart itself once everything is destroyed. 


Living on Earth you'd have transport tubes, robot friends, and weird aliens to entertain you. If you ever got bored of it, you can hop on a ship and head to any of the crazy worlds they visited.
Like ancient Egypt? Head to Osiris 4
Like large women and snu snu? Head to Amazonia
Like mermaids? Stay on Earth and head to Atlanta.
You can see where I'm going with this.

And, if you just get tired of doing all that stuff, head to your nearest suicide booth and for the low price of a quarter, end it all quick and painlessly."

4. ...no comment, StickleyMan.  

"The BRAZZERS universe, where I'm rocking a nine-inch cock and every woman I meet just wants to fuck. That would be a wonderful world."

5. Magic is kinda hard to beat, sps26.

"Harry Potter, as long as I have magical capabilities. I wouldn't even care if I wasn't the main protagonist, you can do magic!"

6. I just hope you'd enter the world of Lego as a Master Builder, zatan130.  

"I just saw the Lego Movie, and honestly, being able to reshape my world whenever the hell I feel like it would be incredible."

7. There's also nuclear fallout and candy zombies, CannedWolfMeat. Watch your back. 

"The land of Ooo. Candy people? Loads of stuff to fight? Magic everywhere? Yes please."

8. warbuddah is painting with the broadest brush here and I kinda respect it.  

"Marvel Universe. You'll never die. There's ALWAYS a way to get powers. And most of your peers look awesome."

9. I also wanna play chess with Garrus forever, BigTig77.

"I would want to live in the mass effect world! Star ship, aliens, and giant murderous AI beings who want to harvest everyone."

10. YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE, jigsawwpuzzler. Amestris would be great until it floods with tentacles. 

"Amestris. Alchemy would be awesome. Also, The final Empire of Mistborn, or in the Wheel of Time universe." 

11. Naweezy doesn't realize that they're trading school and work for planet-splitting energy balls. 

"Dragon Ball Z. Train to be a Super Saiyan, fuck school and work.

Edit: It would just be nice to learn to fly too."

12. Honestly? I'm only in on this for the fast travel, Princesszelda24. Also aren't you betraying Hyrule by doing this?

"Skyrim. No rules, travel often, little punishment for murder/theft, own tons of houses, have loads of money and treasure, get to be a hero who rides a demon horse, destroy dragons, visit heaven, sweet skills, discovery, adventure, respect....need I go on?"