Once again, the halls of social media have erupted in laughter after an aggressively misguided meme was brought to light from the depths of the anonymous gaming chanboards.

The (embarrassingly obviously over-the-top) photoshop job was probably made few months ago, before Fortnite's explosion in Battle Royale popularity. But once enough people saw the image this week, it spread across twitter as an almost-too-perfect example of the misunderstanding happening in the gamer community. Reopening old arguments about how recent trends to actually make more people feel more welcome playing games are somehow deliberate attempts to alienate and sabotage the young male demographic that were catered to exclusively for so long...

1. That's what's so fascinating about the controversey. It's the same fight we've had a million times before.


2. Pushback against the idea that catering to the Male Gaze is always the most lucrative design decision

3. That nobody would ever try to create attractive characters meant to do more than titilate


4. If that's what you're looking for, there's plenty of (mostly Japanese) games with gonzo sexy ladies running around specifically for your needs.


5. Yet it's the inability to see one's own desires as equally fantastical and unrealistic where the conflict comes in

6. All across pop culture, there's a never-ending push and pull between those that seek virtual worlds to ESCAPE an angry-horny existence, and those that need games to VENT those same desires.

untumblrizeoverwatch fortnite


7. Creativity can be a celebration of ideals, or a reflection of our flawed selves (the best creations are usually both)



8. Unless you're in particular parts of Los Angeles, the fact is you're going to encounter more "tumblrized" people in your life than thin waisted fitness models

bunnies udy hopps vs lola bunny tumblrized


9. Now, some will say we're just rubes taking the bait, that nobody actually believes these things sincerely, that they're just getting a rise.





10. To be fair, that'd be a good point... if it wasn't for the fact that ironic shittiness and actual shittiness share the same corners of the internet, where the satire is almost exclusively just the shallow end of the shitty pool at this point.





11. But in a world where reactionaries and counter-reactionariesare are locked in online debate purgatory for the forseeable future, it's cathartic to just point at something and laugh.




12. Also, you KNOW that the "un-tumblerized" design is going to get added as a DLC skin. It's freaking free-to-play! They gotta sell those Loot Crate Llamas SOMEHOW.




13. Sidenote, have some of these people even BEEN to tumblr? That platform is 90% straight porn and dirty fanart already...