The Oscars have always been rife with controversey when it comes to nominations. After all, how can you pick the "best" of a medium that is genuinely so personal, subjective, and the result of so many craftspeople working towards a single end product? While many fans have been pleasantly surprised by this year's picks (with films like Get Out and Ladybird getting multiple noms alongside big studio pictures) one movies's honor hit the Internet with the all-consuming crack of an angry god's fist.

1. First to voice their displeasure were anime fans, who had seen an amazing 2016-2017 in terms of breathtaking and popular features coming out of Japan


2. Also upset were Western Animation fans, who were shocked to see it surpass more well-received CGI movies

3. Of course, it's not like the Academy has a great track record of acknowledging the most culturally important works in any given year...


4. Some were left practically speechless


5. For many, it's just the continuation of the yearlong irony gift that Dreamworks' long-shelved oddity has been online

6. But for fans who truly care about the artform of animated films, it's still got to sting especially hard


7. I mean, The Boss Baby really was NOT a good movie

boss baby tumblr nominated 2018


8. It definitely adds to the surreal energy of the world we live in, a general feeling that the old rules might never apply again


9. Perhaps this was a disaster of our own creation!?


10. Do we need to band together and embrace the sincere, the hopeful, and advocate for the artistic works that give our lives meaning?


11. Maybe there IS a lesson in all this?


12. Why get caught up in such petty labels like "quality" and "genre" in the first place?

boss baby oscar nomination


13. Let's just be thankful The Emoji Movie wasn't also in the mix...