Of the many fandom activities you can engage with on tumblr (such as shipping, drawing fanart, or arguing about k-pop until someone starts making death threats) one fun pastime is the "incorrect quotes" format. By combining screenshots and GIFs from fans' favorite franchises with quotes from TV and Social Media, you create an alternate universe where iconic characters are just as sassy and relatable as you want them to be. It works so well with George Lucas' famously dry and sexless Star Wars Universe and has only been fueled by the sequels introduction of quippier dialogue and fanfic-ready characters.

Here's just some of the odd juxtapositions you can find on the great blue expanses of the tumblr feed:

1. 30 Rock, Welcome to The Resistance

30 rock poe dameron star wars 30 rock
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2. Darth Vader takes to sass especially well

star wars oh look its organa and her friend

han solo star wars sassy uh hello Ive got a name

darth vader sassy funny tuimblr
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3. It also retcons the Anakin/Obi-Wan dynamic to have more actual charisma





4. Simpsons did it





5. Obi-Wan was sassy since the Alec Guinness days

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6. Anakin Skywalker might be the Patron Saint of self-owns

anakin kenobi star wars
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7. While a young Mark Hamill is a proper goober.

star wars wedge antilles luke skywalker safe sex
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8. The Jedi Council really is kind of like a Modern Family





9. Do you have a high enough IQ to know where this quote is from?

repressed rage rick and morty star wars quotesanakin obi wan prequel meme
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10. Get out.





11. When will my meme begin?





12. (extremely Bob Belcher voice) Oh my god.