Star Wars: The Last Jedi has inspired many online debates and hours of fanboy conversations about plotting, pacing, and the morality of fictional universes... but in other corners of the Internet the film unleashed a power more potent than the Dark Side of the Force, THE SHIPPERS. 

After being just one of many factions in the Star Wars shipping community, the REYLO (Rey+Kylo Ren) shippers have been seemingly vindicated by Rian Johnson and Co. and have been doing a victory lap across social media to celebrate their #1 unproblematic fav couple (except maybe they're cousins and one's a super big murderer). Here's 8 fun fancomics where these two young force-sensitives have found true love.

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1. "So how did you two meet?" by KSArt-Things

kylo ren tumblr comic reylo


2. "What are you doing here?" by Erica Yu

star wars last jedi kylo ren rey eylo shipping tumblr comics

rey kylo en last jedi force awakens disney fan comics funny romantic anime


3. "Talk to Me..." by Ila Fox

Shirtless kylo ren sexy star wars comics rey luke skywalker finn


4. "Mastery" by ladyllex

rey the force lifting rocks


5. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" by gwendy85

Obi Wan Kenobi Old Luke Skywalker anakin skywalker

lion king disney star wars



6. "The Last Fry" by Mariló Delgado (buy prints/merch at Society6)

Rey vs Kylo Ren comic fan comics




7. "In Your Eyes" by janainafaraujo

Boom box rey reylo kylo ren unbreak my heart


8. "Jakku Girl" by dc9spot