While Tabletop Gaming is one of the most social and exhilirating ways to spend a Saturday afternoon, there's also a darker side to a hobby that often requires absolute strangers and limitless fantasies.The community at reddit's r/rpghorrorstories board have gathered together to share some all-too-real tales of DnD disasters. Keep in mind that some of these anecdotes get DARK so if you're sensitive to unpleasant subject matter, you might want to scroll past this and maybe check out some of our less emotionally draining D&D posts instead?



Story by ZatherDaFox

I've played with plenty of edgy characters in my time, from people who were doing it on purpose to be funny, to those who thought they had actually made awesome characters. But never in my life have I met such an edgy character as now...

First we go over powers. She elects to take blood powers. Not just any blood powers mind you; no, she pulls blood from her wrists to make weapons. I cringed a little, but I didn't think it was that bad. (Spoiler: it's that bad)

We flesh out the rest of her stats and get to choosing skills. There is no set list of skills in the system, you can pick anything as long as it's a narrow enough field and it makes sense. She picks torture and interrogation. Yeesh. At this point, we still haven't seen the character leap off the deep end, but now I can tell we're dealing with an edgelord.

But now the player starts describing her backstory. And by describing, I mean commands the next hour of the game telling us about it. And good lord is it a doozy. To save you the trouble, I shall paraphrase: Her brother is some kind of sadist who kept her locked in a barred room after her parents dies when he was 4 and her character was 2. And apparently her parents were 18 when they died. Her brother also prostituted her, abused her, and sold her into slavery at points. And she had an abusive uncle who sexually abused her. And she was basically starved at the time. And the government knew but wouldn't help because they were afraid of her powers. And she was experimented on so now she's infertile.

It was like listening to a concert of nails on a chalkboard. And the real kicker? Apparently, this character is 12. But now we get to personality. Obviously, someone who went through all that would be broken beyond repair. And to the player's credit, she did play her as a little broken. But only a little. She can still mostly function in normal society, even though she's never had any psychiatric help. But she's also obsessed with blood and death, and is optimistically suicidal, but never acts on it. She's the type of cringey character that smiles and giggles when talking about macabre stuff, you know the type.

You think I'd be done by this point, but there is still yet more that happened. The player must have a real sense of one-up man-ship, because any time anyone tried to bring up something bad that happened to them, she would add something similar but worse to her backstory. Like, my character avoids alcohol because his father was an alcoholic and would beat his mother. Oh yeah? Well her character's brother straight up forced her to drink so now she's a 12 year old alcoholic. If nobody was bringing up backstory stuff, the player would just randomly add more things to her awful backstory and tell us about it in character, interrupting whatever we were doing.

But then we get to the absolute worst part of this character: how she openly antagonized our characters and said the dumbest shit. Like, she wanted to go at 11 o'clock at night to speak to the mayor. I said "No, the mayor's probably in bed." She proceeds to hit me with a line about how I must be the most useless superhero to ever live. I mostly dismiss it, being that my character is a 35 year old man, and he knows that this is just a 12 year old venting her frustrations. The player, noticing she didn't get a rise out of me, proceeds to rag on my character with hers for a good 15 minutes of actual game time. At the end of it all, she drops one of those cringeworthy "Are we really even the good guys?" lines. At this point, I'm fed up as a player. But I know the best way to counter is by keeping my composure in character. So I say something along the lines of "Look, I know you think you're being all deep and profound, but you're 12. So why don't you go to bed and stop saying stupid things." as calmly as possible. The 12 year old then leaves to vent her frustration into the night.

This pattern continued throughout the session. With her trying to piss my character off, and my character being coolly dismissive, since she's, y'know, 12. The player got upset and eventually stopped since I wouldn't take her "masterfully crafted" character seriously, but the session mercifully ended there.



Story by PrinceMatita

be me a forever DM finally being able to play after like a year of DMing

Tiefling Bard because I love to sing.

we're traveling to defeat an Orc War camp outside the capital


battle ensues much song, dance, inspiration, and heat metal

gets surrounded by orcs


the DM tells me to make an opposed grapple check

natural 1

The orcs turns roll back around I'm expecting 5 attacks at advantage.

But no. that would've been too normal.

I'm asked to make another opposed grapple check rolled a 3, WOO the DM hops on mic and says... "The orcs rip your clothes off, you're now naked and grappled."

Is...is he trying to rape me? the discord went silent for a legit 2 minutes.

Me: "wait really?" DM: "Uh yeah. They're orcs." Me: "I don't think I like this dude." DM: "They're orcs if you don't like my world you're free to leave."

The sound of four people dropping out of discord pings throughout the call.

RIP being a player lol.


Story by wyldnfried

I DMed this. 2nd ed.

Problem PC meets the other PCs for the first time, and as his opening interaction fondles the female wizard, asking her for "services."

I'm about to say something but she says "Sure take off your pants."

He does so

Wizard: "Burning hands"

Me: Huh. Well, that didn't kill you, but you have painful blisters on your genitals. Roll system shock (he has like 2% chance of failure)

PPC: makes roll Oh well, I guess I'll go soak in a bath.

Wiz: I'll get it ready for you. hands me note: Saltwater

PPC: Ahhh...

Me: Actually the saltwater stings your seeping blisters... Roll system shock. Anything else?

PPC: makes save I guess I'll just masturbate.

Me: With your salt-encrusted and blistered genitals? System shock

PPC: Rolls one.

Me: You are overcome by pain so severe it kills you. You have died from masturbation.



Story by TapSInSpace

So a friend and I hung around for a bit and finaly, two guys came to us and introduced themselves as writers who wanted to try and sell their brand new RPG, that I would'nt be able to name for the love that all is holy. We talked a bit and we agreed to give it a try, so we followed them to a table where 2 other guys and 2 empty seats were waiting for us. Then, they explained their concept.

In that world, aliens had invaded the earth, and all the powers of the world tried to resit them. Every PC went from a land that managed to survive and repeal the invaders, and the overall theme was... anime-ish, for a lack of a better term. Among 5 players, I only remember 3 of the characters. Which were: a female russian spy that was proficient with any kind of weapon (in fact she had some kind of grenade launcher in her left arm), a blue-haired 12 year old loli girl with her mech (kinda like a young D-Va from Overwatch) and mine, a canadian lumberjack who wielded an impressive wood cutting axe and chugged mapple syrup like some kind of magic potion. Overall all in good fun.

Yeah, it was stupid. But this mindless setup and the simplicity of the rules made for a great game overall and we had that night a genuine nice time. We battled some monsters, some enemy mechs; we managed to infiltrate an old nuclear plan that the aliens had running again, where weapons were made. And we fought our way to the core of the facility. And then, we saw it.

I have to stop there and describe our group and our mindset. Around this table were two guys that wanted to sell their game; two guys that were waaaaay too much into the anime spirit and my friend and I, who both kinda liked the genre. I hate to say it but the two other guys where absolute cliches. Neck-beards, dark shirts with hieroglyphic metal band names, one of them even had a fedora. So the table went this way: the writers multiplied the anime cliches just so the other two guys would squeal with delight; while my friend and I foloowed the lead, amused and intrigued. We had a nice time, really. Until we saw what was hiding in the core of the plant.

I'll remember all my life the slimy grin that appeard on the face of the player who played the loli in her mech when the game master described the creature that was facing us. In french, it was called an "octobite". In english, that would be a "cocktopus". And so, the shark had been jumped. We were not playing in anime-land anymore; we had reached the moist and slimy shores of Hentaiburg. The creature was swinging his massive dongs around (which I could have found funny when playing with friends and a little inhibriated) and crawling alond the walls to get to the mech. The player literally suicided his character when the young loli decided to jump right at the thing, who stopped the attack quite easily and got the girl out of her combat suit. And yes, you know what happenned there. Four people we did not know, at 4am on a sunday morning, just played the rape of a young girl by the tentaculous monster in a crowded area, laughing their hearts out. And that's where we cringe-quitted. My friend and I bailed out and left the table, pretexting to need to get some sleep, and let them end the session.

To this day, I still remember the cold shivers that went down my spine when they started to describe in great details what was happening to the character. Oh god. Never again.



Story by drschwartz

Ok, I'll share a story worthy of a cringe or two.

For background, I came to table top rpg's in my early 20's. I played with several groups of friends during college and generated no horror stories. However, I would soon find out how insulated my rpg experience had been.

I had moved to a new city and joined a meetup group to scratch the itch to game. Unfortunately, all the ongoing games aren't accepting new members so my only option outside of waiting for a vacancy to appear is to go to One Shot Wednesday.

Well, let me just say that One Shot Wednesday's attracted an eclectic mix of personas. Meeting at a local diner, you had an honest smattering of most nerd stereotypes with a healthy salting of neckbeard. Whatever, who am I to judge?

I join a game called Lady Blackbird and receive a pregen female character Naomi. Loyal slave bodyguard to the eponymous Lady Blackbird, sounds cool, I can work with that, right? Well, that's when the first red flag sprouted up with a player at the table, Diminutive Balding Man (DBM), loudly requesting to play the character of Lady Blackbird. None of the other players are especially desirous of it, so the DM shrugs and hands it over.

Well, if you're guessing that DBM as Lady Blackbird attempted to seduce multiple PCs during the game, you'd be right. If you guessed they tried to seduce enemy NPC's during active combat, you'd be right too. If you thought that there was any action which came before "seduce" in their toolkit, you'd be wrong. It was literally the first, second, and last thing he would do.

So such behavior has consequences, yes? Oh yes, I and another player got creeped out sufficiently in and out of character that we legitimately cut ties with Lady Blackbird in game. For my part, after the first time Lady Blackbird put her hand on my thigh (seducing your slave warrior?), I made sure to establish my character as an a-sexual creature divorced from intimacy and agreed to fight a horrible monster in exchange for a release from servitude (because a literal monster is better than a soft touch from DBM...)

So this parade of in-game sexual harassment goes on for several hours. The DM is finally getting sick of DBM's portrayal of Lady Blackbird as some sort of manic pixie whore slumming around the galaxy on a mission to have meaningless sex. DBM is trying to negotiate with a higher-up in the local slave market, a man who literally buys and sells humans for any purpose including sex work, and DBM whips out his signature move by rolling to seduce the official. DM asks for DBM to roleplay this out which I will paraphrase: "Hmm, umm ok. Well sir, if you could be kind enough to give us everything we want for reasons, I could offer you a--and he pauses dramatically--a blowjob."

DM face palms while the entire table just stares at this guy. DM looks up and says, "That is not seduction, roll negotiation."

We didn't finish the one shot in that session, I did not return for the second. Also, saving the best part for last, DBM's wife attended the meetup as well. Where was she for all of this? Sitting next to him of course, watching the whole event without a peep.


Story by Combustible-Mango

In highschool I was part of a 3.5e campaign with a bunch of guys who were really awesome, bar one detail which would eventually ruin everything.

It begins with a joke at the table; one guy, James farts badly mid game to which another guy, Michael says "James casts stinking cloud". Being immature boys, we found this hilarious; our DM however, found this so funny that he subsequently made the homebrew rule that ruined everything.

The rule went that every PC now had access to a modified stinking cloud effect. This was done by giving every PC 'gas points' which the DM tracked, these built up over time or by eating and drinking (it was a bit disturbing how much thaught he put into how different things effected these points), let these points build up and you start to take negative effects. The only way to clear these was by declaring '[character name] casts stinking cloud' and rolling a d20 and a d6 every so often which would depending on the number of gas points and the rolls would determine the severity, at this point the DM would break down laughing and give a crude description.

We soon discovered that releasing at higher severities had effects which were useful in combat (including meaningful damage and stun effects), so we would abuse this by having our barbarian (who could for some reason build points quickly) charge in and detonate and then the rest of us would mop up whilst the cleric patched up the barbarian.

This all ended when celebrating in the tavern after a hectic battle. Our warrior hadn't noticed how much he'd been holding in until being informed that drinking had put him at very near capacity. He farts then and there, rolls a natural 20 and a 6.

This turns out to be the armageddon fart. The DM begins to describe in graphic detail, a fart so bad as to melt the innerds of the warrior and the chair he is sitting on (don't ask me how that works) and how as the smell quickly touches the rest of us; we all drop dead and the tavern collapses (again don't ask me how that works).

Thus was the end of the campaign, TPK'd by a fart.