As the most media-saturated generation to ever live, it's kind of embarrassing to admit just how much of our understanding of the world around us is shaped by movies and TV. Even as you enter adulthood there's so many assumptions we take for granted just because they're ubiquitous cliches in almost every form of fiction. But over on the r/askreddit board the users were given a simple question that had surprisingly eye-opening answers...

"What thing done in real life is nothing like it is done in the movies?"

Here's 10 responses that gave us a real bad case of the thinkies:


Getting shot In movies, its just a flesh wound Slap a cork in the hole, and youre fine Eh, nope Getting a hole punched through your body aint so harmless Also, bad guys DO practice at the firing range If a hero charges into a base full of bad guys with machine guns, hes gonna die Also, I bet a lot of those bad guys have families reddit iwannabeacat
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hackers office job
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Sex They never use protection, theres no mess, no changing of positions, they go right to sleep nope permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply SayNoMoreMonAmor 53 points 19 hours ago God dammit I didnt see this answer in time My answer is similar, but with chlamydia
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JendayaMedoh 59 points 21 hours ago Strangling someone in movies takes less than a minute, way different than real life
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HealyHQ 155 points 22 hours ago Fight scenes with literally any kind of weapon, but especially bladed weapons Movies choreograph their sword fights to look as cool as possible, when in reality their display is very inefficient Real sword fights dont last very long and are boring to watch as a result Also, the victim of a stab wound wont typically die quickly Bleeding out takes longer than in the movies And someone wouldnt just silently slump over and die, theyd be screaming bloody murder the whole time
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Litigation I have yet to see a movie get it actually correct With good reason, too, since its not nearly as exciting as TV and movies make it seem
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chloroform is not fast acting reddit funny askreddit posts
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