1. Okay but for real.

"That Hogwarts was considered one of the safest places in the world." -szeto326

2. No wonder Ron was so nervous to get his homework in...

"Punishment for first years breaking rules: go into the sketchy magic forest and have a look around! Monster in the walls petrifying people around every corner? Mmm, we'll figure it out. Now kids if you want to go to the very safe village next door you need a permission slip!! No exception for abused orphans!!" -rainbowtutucoutu

3. Preg-oh-no

"Sexual education, or the lack of it." -Br0z0

4. Just say a few words and wham bam goodbye ma'am

"Obliviation. Gilderoy Lockhart was a wuss, with no real accomplishments other than being handsome and the ability to obliviate.

Hermione gave her parents life without her. How deeply were those memories engrained?

And let's not forget Aurors, and whatever the Muggle damage control department was called. They obliviate people left and right. What all memories are erased? How does anyone know if their memories are real?

That, or the giant spiders" -InsideJokeQRD

5. Don't do well in school? Too bad.

"Getting expelled from school, like Hagrid was, is basically dooming the entire rest of the child's life. At least in the muggle world, if you get expelled, nothing stops you from continuing to pursue an education. It's not like it's illegal for you to read a book or do algebra or learn a trade. But they don't just stop learning magic, they're BARRED from using it. In a world where literally everything is done with magic. What are they supposed to do with the rest of their lives? Even unskilled or manual labor isn't worth hiring them for, considering there's nothing they could do that couldn't be done more quickly and efficiently with magic. And they can't even make it by just going into the muggle world, because they have no normal education or social skills." -howsthatwork

6. "Your dog is looking at me and it's making me uncomfortable" now makes sense.

"Your family pet could actually be a person in disguise." -gonecrazy_backsoon

7. Any place is safer than here! Well... okay maybe not that place.

"When the Chamber of Secrets was opened the first time they thought that the best place for the students to save them from occasional snake attack was to send them back to London. It was 1942. Mid to late Blitz." -ExcessiveBritishness

8. The wizarding world is very exclusive for a reason.

"How poorly designed the Magical economy is and how ill prepared they are in dealing with people who are not magical." -BrockenSpecter

9. Traumatized for life.

"Abracadabra is a common phrase in the muggle world. One possible interpretation of this is that it comes from Avada Kedavra and from enough muggles hearing the curse being used on humans that the spell became well known to muggles and the words and meaning were lost to legend and became a spell used at childrens parties."

10. Trust no one ever.

"Someone stalking you and paying a sort of prostitute to take a Polyjuice Potion dose to have sex with you basically. So creepy." -WeAllFloatGeorgie

11. Does this mean they could walk away?

"That you can only masturbate to pictures that can see you ." -RocketRaccoon96

12. You better hope they get their convictions right.

"The punishments for criminal behavior in the wizarding world are way over the top. Prisoners in Azkaban are tortured into insanity. Having your soul slurped out by a zombie makes standing in front of a firing squad seem like walk in the park." -MisterBadger

13. Excuse us, we're just going to go to a corner and have a crisis now.

"Harry Potter's parents were so much more accomplished than me - they had great jobs, made a fortune, got married, and had a kid all by the time they were 21." -deleted

14. Seriously though.

"Three 11 year olds broke hogwarts defences that were suppose stop Tom" -Socratesus

15. This is honestly terrifying.

"The afterlife is real. Souls are real. Ghosts exist and certain rare magic can bring back the spirits of the deceased even muggles.

That is extremely scary if you think about it for a moment.

On a less theological subject. Many of the fantastical creatures in the books would qualify as extremely horrifying if seen from just a slightly more objective perspective.

There are creatures like the Lethifold that will disguise themselves as a blanket and at night crawl up on their victims and devour them.

You have invisible dementors that will at first just make you cold and depressed, but if they get closer they will make you relieve your worst memories and then devour your soul without you ever being able to see them or defend yourself. You just start feeling cold and miserable and then fall into a deep depression and then you die and all that is left is a catatonic shell of your former self.

You have creatures that can kill you with a look or a scream. And honestly the mandrakes killing you with a scream is not even the most horrible thing about them. Rowling describes them as looking and acting like small humans, going through the phases of childhood and puberty in imitation of human behavior before being cut up into medicine by wizards.

You have all these cursed objects that apparently certain evil wizards leave about for muggles to find that can maim people or drive them into insanity with no one ever understanding why.

You have all those non human sentient species running around which has all sorts of implications by itself. And wizards turning into animals and languages that animals can speak implying that they have the potential for being sentient. It would drive you to veganism if it weren't for the creeping fear that some plants may be smarter than they look too.

There is also the fact that vampires, werewolves, zombies and all sorts of other monsters are very, very real. Vela might sound hot in the HP books, but what Slavic folklore tells us about them should make you have second thoughts.

Of course the most horrible monster that exist in that universe are the wizards and witches themselves. They will not hesitate to wipe your mind if you find out about them and given what we know about some of the less nice members of that hidden society they are bound to abuse normal people quite a lot and use magic to cover it up or have their government cover up their crimes for them.

Just imagine some horny pureblood decides to take a fancy to some random muggle and mind controls them with any of a a number of mind control magic available to them or just takes them by force and rapes them, then they wipe the memory of their victim. If the victim was female she may end up giving birth to a child whose true parentage she does not know about. She and her partner if she has one may rise it as their own but they find that the child is otherworldly and strange and has all sorts of scary stuff happening around them finally when they are at their wits ends some witch or wizard offers to take them of their hands for most of the year to some boarding school. The child gets killed while in a toilet and the wizards come and offer their condolences and then wipe the parents memory of the child ever having existed in the first place.

I am sure stuff like that happens all the times in that world." -Loki-L