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One year ago, SEGA celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog with the announcement of two new games. Sonic Mania, the universally praised throwback to the mascot's 16-bit glory days made by a small international team of fangame veterans, and Sonic Forces, an all-new canon entry in the maligned and embattled 3D series. For years, the 3D Sonic games had been host to some truly disastrous entries (such as the legendarily awful flops Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 and Sonic Boom), but there were rays of hope as well, including the much more fondly-regarded Sonic Generations. 


The series, which was created from a very 1990s attitude of carefree charisma, had become an emotional rollercoaster for fans. Many have described the "Sonic Cycle" of hope, cautious hype, and eventual disappointment that follows each new title release but Sonic Forces seemed like it might break the curse. There's been a resurgence in quality Japanese game development, the 25th anniversary meant that there was more at stake from SEGA to release a quality product, and the reveal of an OH SO ON THE NOSE "avatar" creator meant that fans could put their ironic OCs into the game itself.

This one HAD to be good, right?


1. Initial reactions online seem to suggest the final product is underwhelming...


2. DRM issues absolutely tanked the initial release on PC

Sonic Forces bad steam review

3. Early Steam reviews were BRUTAL


4. There's also some complaints about the physics in the game


5. People DO seem to be having fun with the Create-a-Character feature though!

knuckles custom avatar sonic forces

6. Meanwhile the new antagonist "Infinite" appears to have divided the fanbase

edge thing hello


7. Many are embracing the jank as longtime feature of the games


8. Others, are delighting in the "so bad it's good" moments



9. Perhaps the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is best enjoyed shamelessly



10. Or, perhaps the game is a little TOO self-aware?

11. Despite the character's global popularity, it's best to remember these aren't big-budget AAA titles like the kinds we see from Ubisoft and EA.


12. There are many fans who love the game just fine, and resent the early pile-on against it (like this exact post, to be fair)


13. But how much you're willing to forgive varies from gamer-to-gamer


14. Would it be best to let the series retire? Or stick to 2D titles?



15. Or is the world just a little more magical with this hot lovable mess of a franchise?


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