The Disney universe is massive - characters from all types of movies and shows that have been produced for nearly 100 years...but which one is the most powerful? If there were a massive royal rumble held between EVERY Disney character - who would emerge victorious? Many have pondered this question, but only one thread on r/AskReddit truly sought to solve the eternal question once and for all - and these were the choices that made the most sense:

1. SmokingThunder starts us off with an UNEXPECTED (but very logical) choice.


If you have all these powerful wizards and demons and gods fighting each other at the exact same place, it will probably cause some sort of nuclear type scenario. Nothing could survive that kind of concentrated power.

So the winner is pretty obvious. Hal aka the Cockroach from WALL-E

2. AudibleNod hasn't forgotten The Sword in the Stone, and neither should you.



Look at his wizard's duel. The dude straight up turned himself into a disease and multiplied. That's now his opening move. He gives everyone ebola, pneumonia, MRSA and the plague all at once. He then turns you into an ant or something when you're on the verge of death. Then stomps on you. The Genie may give him trouble but he can time travel. All he needs to do is travel back when the Genie is in the lamp and compel him to kill on his behalf.

3. xbumblebee knows that "Ohana means family" and that Stitch means business.


stitch is basically indestructible so i'll go with him.

"Monstrosity? What you see before you is the first of a new species. I call it Experiment 626. He is fireproof, bulletproof, and can think faster than a supercomputer. He can see in the dark, and lift objects three thousand times his size. His only instinct... to destroy everything he touches! Ha ha ha ha!"

obviously he becomes a lot softer throughout the movie but he's still strong as fuck

4. Ezra611 remembers that members of the Junior Chipmunks are well-versed in survival skills.


Kronk. From what we've seen, the man is indestructible.

5. LogginWaffle has their money on an oft-forgotten sorceror, who picked an enormous mouse as his apprentice:


I can't believe nobody has pitched Yen Sid. Sure we haven't seen the full extent of his powers, but he's got to have some serious magic. The guy taught Mickey how to use magic, and was apparently modeled after Walt Disney himself (hence the name). If anyone could unravel the universe, it's got to be that guy.

6. huazzy knows who the REAL danger was in Fantasia - the infinitely-respawning broom:


Dark Horse winner: The broom from Fantasia

7. dandaman64 knows that NO ONE FIGHTS LIKE GASTON:


People that have forgotten about Gaston. He even had a song detailing how much of a threat he is, no one:

  • Is slick as Gaston
  • Is quick as Gaston
  • Has a neck as incredibly thick as Gaston's
  • Fights like Gaston
  • Douses lights like Gaston
  • Bites like Gaston (in a wrestling match)
  • Is burly and brawny as Gaston
  • Hits like Gaston
  • Matches wits like Gaston
  • Spits like Gaston (in a spitting match)

Other important things to remember:

  • No one in town is half as manly
  • He is an intimidating specimen
  • He has biceps to spare
  • Not a bit of him is scraggly or scrawny
  • Every last inch of him is covered with hair
  • Is especially good at expectorating
  • He eats five dozen eggs (formerly four dozen) to grow to the size of a barge
  • He uses antlers in all of his decorating (so Bambi is already fucked)

8. Campanicus remembers Donald Duck is basically a pantsless version of Patrick Bateman:

I've seen Mickey and the Beanstalk. I've seen what Donald Duck can do when pushed far enough and allowed an ax.

Second top contender would be Goofy; he's got a pretty high pain threshold and honestly he would probably not even know what's going on which makes him unpredictable and more dangerous.

9. kosmoceratops1138 knows that you don't mess with ACTUAL, LIVING GODS:


Disney has Polynesian, Greek, and Norse gods in its movies, and y'all are lying to yourselves if you think its not going to be one of those. I say this as a Star Wars diehard. Vader, stitch, and even the genie have their limits.

So either a God, or Gaston. Because no one is half as manly.

10. dragonslayer35242 with the REALEST answer possible:


Mickey Mouse. Period.

Can he fight? No Does he have physical strength? No

Then Why?

He holds the keys to the Disney Universe. Think of all the lawyers, agents, and promoters who work for him. Hes the Vince McMahon of Disney. Only, hes much more old school. Hes the Original OG.

Im not saying a Disney Royal Rumble is scripted, but theres no way if Mickey were in the ring he would be shown losing.