Like any other art form, video games go through a rigorous process from an idea in someone's head to a neglected disc gathering dust under your dresser. As much as I enjoy my favorite games in their final form, I often neglect just how much work can go into them and how much is often left out. Imagine how different a game like Bioshock would be if you had a teleportation plasmid, or how much the extra hours of unused Overwatch voice acting would've directly affected gameplay. Okay, let me stop. 

After some extensive digging around the internet and with a little help from cut game data homebase The Cutting Room Floor, we found some of the strangest and most intriguing things cut from your favorite games.  

1. HinoKuri (aka Tramplin' Stu) in Super Mario Sunshine


The first solo GameCube entry from everyone's favorite plumber is as well-known for its tropical setting and characters as it is for its water pump based gameplay. Strollin' Stu is the Goomba equivalent on Isle Delfino and they come in many forms, from winged to giant to stacked one on top of the other. HinoKuri (which translates to "Fire Chesnut") was one of the more disturbing Stu variants cut from the game, a walking orange and yellow blob that would literally poop out different Stus until you sprayed enough water at the third eye on top of its head. 

HinoKuri was included in the Spaceworld 2001 trailer for the game, but was most likely removed from the game shortly after. It can be accessed through hacking and ROMs, if you're in the mood for a quick waking nightmare.  

2. Infected helicopter pilot audio in Left 4 Dead 

The procedural narrative or "AI Director" gave the Left 4 Dead franchise a leg up on most FPS games at the time by randomly spawning zombies and powerups directly based on your skill and location, ensuring a different playthrough each time. Even with lofty ambitions like that, not everything can make it into the final game. There's tons of audio left out of the game's five original campaigns, including the above bit from the end of No Mercy where the helicopter pilot who save Francis, Bill, Zoey, and Louis implies that he's been infected. 

One critique of the first game many had was a lack of narrative, and something like that would've added even more edge given that you had probably spent the last ten minutes cleaning Boomer puke off your shirt while fighting back hordes of zombies.  

3. The S'Lanther from Fallout


Of all the different types of species that exist in Fallout's post-nuclear apocalypse, the S'Lanther could've been one of the most intriguing. Essentially a race of intelligent genetically engineered raccoons, they would have escaped to an area called The Burrows and learned to hunt and formed the Tribe of S'Lanther. Fallout creator and lead programmer Tim Caine felt that the S'Lanther didn't fit into the Fallout universe and they were relegated to an FEV disk file found in-game that read:  

"With Batch 11-011, we have improved the mitotic cycle efficency by 43%. We have infected 53 raccoons with the new strain. In addition to the now expected size increase, behavioral tests confirmed an increase in intelligence and manual dexterity by 19 points on the Schuler-Kapp index. Unfortunately, several subjects escaped confinement and had to be hunted down and dispatched. Major Barnett ordered the remaining subjects terminated. Two pairs were unaccounted for."  

4. "Gojira" boss fight in Fallout: New Vegas (created by one of the designers to terrorize Camp McCarren) 


Speaking of creatures not included in Fallout games, New Vegas almost featured an impossibly strong fire lizard. gecko, codenamed Gojira, was a super monster created by one of the animators solely to terrorize Camp McCarren and wasn't meant to be included in the game. It has a special "Gojira Flame" that does 3,200 burn damage per second and has 8,000 HP and can defeat even the strongest Legendary creatures in the game. It wasn't included because, I mean, look at it, though you can access it through hacking the game's files and treat yourself to a new slice of the apocalypse.    

5. Cursing in Atomic Bomberman   

Bomberman is more or less known for three things: tossing bombs, collecting power ups, and looking adorable while doing it. Whenever dialogue was included in the games, it was never as spicy as this. 

That's voice actors Billy West and Charlie Adler mugging their way through "Come on, biatch," "I'll break your fuckin' head with a ratchet," and "Right there, sweet tits." This is next-level insanity. 

6. Kamek was almost a playable character in Mario Kart 64 

Mario Kart 64 is nothing, if not iconic. You're probably thinking of the kart racer's eight drivers right now, don't lie. But what if I told you that Kamek the Magikoopa was almost a driver in the game? 

Weird Things Cut From Your Favorite Video Games

Nintendo played around with using Kamek instead of Donkey Kong and giving different angles of every player in character select, but cut the koopa from the game for undisclosed reasons.  All I can do is imagine what a stage based around a magical Koopa would even look like and I'm not happy with what I'm seeing.  

7. Goombas in Pikmin

Pikmin is one of the strangest and most appealing games on any Nintendo system, GameCube or otherwise. Exploring alien worlds with the titular plant alien things is a very fun time, but you know what would make it even more fun? Goombas. 


There are models for the Mario enemy (here referred to by their Japanese name "kuribo") in the game's data, along with a very large model of Mario. Were they intended for the game, or did the programmers and designers just feel like messing around? What would battling a goomba with Pikmin even be like? 

8. Norimaro's creepy deleted hyper combo in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

The Japanese version of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter featured a fighter named Norimaro played by actor Noritake Kinashi. His attacks include randomly throwing things from his bag and begging for autographs, similar to Dan's autograph projectile in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and his narrative involves him...stealing Chun-Li's panties. He wasn't included in the American version for obvious reasons, even though files exist with all of his moves and characters translated to English, so it was a last-minute decision to keep him out.  

But that's not even the worst part about him. He has a deleted hyper combo where he has a huge nosebleed before imagining one of the game's female characters (including 10-year-old Anita from DarkStalkers) and Zangief in a thought bubble.

The files exist and the stream of blood even has a hit box, but were cut, presumably for being excessively creepy.