It's Friday night and you're about halfway through your big bag of Skittles and deep into the third level of your new game purchase. But your thumbs are already getting sweaty and the level's ratcheting things up. All those extr lives you saved up mean nothing now. 

It's a situation we've all been caught in at one time or another, and it continues to follow gamers the world over to this day. Maybe it's a stubborn tutorial with a weird button combo. Maybe it's a confusing search and rescue mission. Maybe it's a overpowered enemies. Whatever the case, our palms are sweaty and our foreheads are boiling all over again just thinking about it. Fans took to AskReddit to relive some of these experiences, hopefully with their tempers intact. 

1. From tonixi, who remembers not being able to play Driver 1 outside of the tutorial (The series didn't get great until 3 anyway, bro.) 

"The driving test in the underground parking lot in Driver 1. You had to pass it in order to play the game. They make you slalom between poles, drift, do 360 etc. I never made it. I wonder the percentage of player who who could not play the game at all because they could not pass the test." 

2. roprog fought their way through a frustrating search mission in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag  

"The section of Assassins Creed Black Flag where you have to locate James Kidd by sneaking behind and knocking out loads of Assassins without getting spotted for even a second by any of the other Assassins who are all looking in different directions but who you can't see, while running between bushes and climbing ruins and swinging in trees! And then every time you fail you have to start right back at the beginning and do it again. Then when you've finally managed to do it they catch you anyway in a cutscene! That definitely tested the limits of my frustration."

3. presidium says that Max Payne's blood lines made his blood boil

"Walking on the 'blood lines' in Max Payne. Between the finicky controls of walking on the thin surfaces, and the random panicked baby cries, it's a level that I won't repeat."

4. Brianthelion83 and Peter Puppy have some issues to work out

"In Earthworm Jim on sega genesis there's a level where you have to escort this little dog through the level, if he gets hurt or falls off a cliff, he beats the shit out of you and takes you back pretty far(there was check points but they are spaced far as hell apart).

It was the first rage inducing level I have ever dealt with.

I beat it but fuck that level."

5. ArcaneOcean612 took on a Legendary level in Halo 2...and lost

"High Charity on Legendary always made my 12 year old blood boil. Who the hell decided that the Flood should use guns anyway?!"

6. HushTheWise wishes he took that shortcut in the first Dark Souls

"Blighttown from Dark Souls 1! My god the frame rate drop along with the type of enemies you face. All of this combined with the fact that there is an extremely easy shortcut that bypasses 99% of it."

7. Grinding in WoW can be a real chore. Just ask Gerblederp

"In Vanilla WoW, there was/is a zone called Arathi Highlands. Even though it's not so bad now from what I've heard, I still avoid it like the plague, leveling in that zone was one of the most monotonous and boring moments I've ever been stuck playing through in a game, there were practically no quests available and you'd need to grind for hours before any of them were available to you.

Fuck that zone, massive waste of time."

8. At least Umikaloo got a triple Legendary gun out of this crazy hard Borderlands 2 level. 

"The Fridge in Borderlands 2, not only are the enemies there hard as fuck, but some of them even steal loot that you drop on the ground.

I once got a triple legendary off of the loot run there though."

9. Take it from rnyancat: Never trust Skyward Sword's mini-levels

"In Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, there are these mini levels where you have to collect these drops of light scattered around an area. In order to proceed in the plot, you have to do these mini levels. Every drop allows you ~90 seconds to run around without the enemy being alerted and chasing after you. In these mini levels, you "die" in one hit, and have no weapon, and there is really ominous creepy music when the enemies are chasing you.

These mini levels give me a ton of anxiety, and I wish I could just attack the enemies instead of only being allowed to run from them. I am probably never going to finish the game because of these dumb timed levels. Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess has a similar timed mini level concept (except they are flower droplets or something and there are no enemies) and I am not going to replay that game either because of those mini levels. It's a shame, because otherwise, I love both games."

10. Never let Super Mario Galaxy's purple coin challenge beat you, MegaPatoMarco

"Super Mario Galaxy, any level in wich you had to collect all purple coins. I gave up when I fell out of the map ( the one at the penguin island ) after almost 2h, only four coins away from completion."

11. I feel you, Philleh_. Those Dead Space monsters were awful. 

"Every level of the three Dead Space games where the regeneration Monster showed up. The fact that the creators had the gumption to continue bringing back that stressful fucker into each game is disheartening. I swear, never before have I been as anxious and stressed as I was during those sequences."

12. It was only a matter of time before Battletoads made it on here. sirgog worked for his fun. 

"Battletoads level 4.

The game had an almost impossible third level, but with a warp zone just at the start of the nightmarishly hard bit. Actually finishing 3 without hitting the warp zone and skipping level 4 was unbelievably hard.

So much so that I only ever succeeded at it once.

Level 4 was a let down."

13. I still can't believe I made it out of Rapture alive, SleepyMage.   

"Anything past Hephaestus in Bioshock. The shift in gears and big daddy suit are just so annoying comparison to the rest of the game. On subsequent play throughs I consider the game to stop shortly after reaching Ryan.

Runner up: The Fade in Dragon Age: Origins. Played it once and immediately modded it out thereafter."

14. Even in the context of New Vegas, this is a huge low point. Dang, khegiobridge.

"Dead Money in Fallout New Vegas. You're kidnapped, wake up weaponless and must wander around a super toxic poisonous urban wasteland convincing characters totally unhinged from reality to work with you while running through narrow alleys and across rooftops dodging masses of ghost people waiting to kill you around every corner. Will never play that DLC again."