While L.A. has the movie stars and Tokyo has millions of rabid otaku, New York City is where the American comic book industry was BORN. Maybe that's why New York Comic-Con remains one of the most jam-packed geek events of the year and an opportunity for the boundless energy and creative minds in the city to make their presence known. For one glorious weekend a year, every bar, subway line, and crusty bodega in middtown is overrun with true fanboys and fangirls, full cosplay like it's no big deal, arms crammed with free swag.

Here's some of the most eye-catching cosplay shots we could find:

If you can ID a cosplayer/creator for attribution, please let us know in the comments! We'll be updating this list as often as we can!

1. Undine / Water Elemental by @lizemooney and @rjnovelline

photo credit: @nerdyrottenscoundrel


2. D.Va the Destroyer (Heroes of the Storm/Overwatch) by @aristargirl

destroyer hello thing
photo credit: Eric Chow

3. Swamp Thing (DC Comics) 

epic cosplay NYCC 2017 swamp thing
photo credit: Brian Maze


4. Yondu and Mary Poppins, Y'all

photo credit: David Ngo


5. The Watcher (Marvel Comics) 

The Watcher
photo credit: Steven Leung

6. The Hobgoblin with working 'hoverboard' glider

photo credit: Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER


7. Bellossom (Pokemon) by @magiicosplay

photo credit: reflection35


8. Lynel (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) by @crashprojectcosplay

photo credit: Eric Chow


9. Raven (Teen Titans) by @ryuulavitz

raven teen titans new york comiccon cosplay
photo credit: David Ngo


10. Sad Hanzo

photo credit: istolethetv