It seems like maker/hacker enthusiast Allen Pan is on a lifelong quest to combine his love of nerd culture and DIY tech in every way imaginable. We've already featured his almost-magical version of Thor's Hammer Mjölnir but in this video he takes a Raspberry Pi, a microphone, and a whole lotta wifi-connected servo motors to give himself full control of everthing he needs to run a functional household ALL CONTROLLED BY KOJI KONDO'S ICONIC MELODIES FROM THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, OCARINA OF TIME.

Is it geeky? Yes. 

Is it needlessly complicated? Yes.

Could he have just bought an off-the-shelf smart home assistant? Maybe!

But we got a real kick from watching someone incorporate all those songs we might have learned ourselves after we bought a similar cheap clay ocarina at our first anime convention in 2003...

Pro-Tip: There's some nice mood setting in the early part of the video, but the real magic happens as Allen showcases how each song clevery coincides with a specific machine in the home.