This gallery was gathered from the works of artists from across the whole wide internet and showcases an incredible amount of talent and imagination. If there's a piece you particularly like we STRONGLY encourage you to click on the artists' names and see if they offer prints or commissions or at the very least give them a follow on social media.

1. Fantasy Rei Ayanami and EVA by Conor Burke



2. Bat-Mage by Mohamed Saad


3. Lord Xavier by Nate Hallinan 

professor x medieval


4. Wolve'Rune by Nate Hallinan

medieval xmen


5. Cyclops by Nate Hallinan

medieval xmen

6. Nightcrawler by Nate Hallinan



7. Rogue Tracer (Overwatch) by István Dányi

fantasy rogue tracer


8. Battle Jester Deadpool by c.e. Näslund

deadpool fantasy assassin


9. Sir Isaac Clarke (Dead Space) by Conor Burke



10. Sailor Moon and The Sailor Scouts by Risa Hulett