The internet is a magical thing - it allows weird projects to flourish in ways that would have been completely impossible in the pre-dial-up age, like - say - 32 different animators completely remaking the opening theme song to Pokemon, for some reason.

Here's just a tiiiny taste of the weird insanity they created:

Each of the animators puts their own spin on the few seconds each was allotted - some make their section a surreal parody of the original, some legitimately try to recreate the feel of the original, and some just...well, some just do their own thing, and that's pretty amazing.

And in case you wanted to know the specific animators responsible for this fever dream-version of your childhood:

  1. Brian Blanchard
  2. Alex Charlie Brown
  3. Amanda Myre
  4. Shawn Pyke
  5. Mike Levere
  6. Spencer Moreland
  7. HuzRedy
  8. Kendal Brouet
  9. Patrick Paradis
  10. Lynia Archibald
  11. Noelle Nagy
  12. Miranda Rogovein
  13. Damian Benson
  14. Caitlin Menard
  15. Brad Weaver
  16. Lucia Tjhin
  17. Becky Loerts
  18. Jonathan Coit
  19. Danielle Klassen
  20. Adam Fitzgerald
  21. Noel Ruppenthal
  22. Megan Hayes
  23. Simon Harchun
  24. Sam Flores
  25. Darlene Ignatov
  26. Shawna Schwenzer
  27. Suzanne Auger
  28. Taylor Cochrane
  29. Ian Yoxon
  30. Ben Ford
  31. Dougall Dawson
  32. Eric Rochon