Across the Internet, people are discovering a new and deviously simple device that helps those with attention disorders (or really anybody that likes to keep their hands busy when doing work or trying to focus).

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Known as "Hand Spinners" or "Fidget Spinners", they're becoming incredibly popular and even have their own trending subreddit dedicated to them.

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They're available in a stunning array of designs, colors, and materials but their core principle is all the same

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A balanced weighted mass rotates around a low friction ball bearing, sustaining the spinning motion after a good sturdy flick of the finger

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They come at time when more old school adult fidgeting classics like zippo lighters and pocket knives are a little too dangerous for casual public use

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In a world of flimsy plastic and disposable cardboard it's gotta feel nice to play with a chunk of precision-machined metal

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Though it doesn't have to be too fancy, many people are making their own using available skills and resources

homemade hand spinner
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Some creations are more... improvised than others

zip tie hand spinner
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The one thing we know for sure is I've never gone from "didn't know that was a thing" to "holy crap I WANT ONE" so quickly in my entire life

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