These Overwatch Players Paid Tribute To Their Fallen Friend With a 12-Gun Salute

The true beauty of Overwatch is that it's a team game in the way that few other online FPS shooters manage to be - by focusing on lots of different character types and de-emphasizing stats (you can't see how many kills or deaths everyone else has), Blizzard has managed to create a fun, colorful game that really brings people together. Also trolling people who are jerks in chat doesn't hurt.

And that's why it makes sense that Overwatch would be the venue for the most surprisingly poignant video you'll see today - a group of players paying tribute to a recently departed friend named Willem, a contributor at Too Much Gaming and - from the sounds of it - an all-around good dude.

His friends (and fellow Too Much Gaming people) wrote this very sweet message to give some context to their tribute:

As a tribute to a fallen gamer and friend. We decided to do a gun salute in one of Will's favorite games featuring the characters he most frequently used (... and Hanzo).

Whereever you are. May the payload be always moving, the point always contested, no one trickles out, and may there always a healer on your team. We miss you, big guy. This play of the game is for you.

And - just to make it DOUBLY clear that his favorite characters did not include Hanzo (in case the video's description didn't clue you in enough), Too Much Gaming was clear to not let anyone think ill of their fallen friend:


Good riddance, Hanzos. And to wherever Willem is now: "Heroes never die."

...but seriously, f*** Hanzo.