By now, we've all accepted that the Fast & Furious franchise has gotten crazy good, right? What started as a drag racing fantasy has turned into a globe-trotting Avengers-style manifesto on the importance of honor and family when rigging muscle cars up to two ton safes. And last night, Universal showed just how ridiculous it was willing to let its cash cow get. 

Even if you ignore Dom's car cable flip trick and the SUBMARINE CAR CHASE near the end, the notion of the franchise's infamous family bond being broken by Dom's betrayal and working with Cipher (Charlize Theron) is intriguing. But how could anyone get Dom to turn his back on family? The internet is exploding with theories and these are five of the most fun and/or plausible out there.  

Dom is being Winter Soldier'd 

Does Dom look like the type to succumb to mind control? It's a long shot (especially considering that Letty went through the same shit in Furious 6), but mind control and subterfuge can't help but come up. 



Everyone in the F&F family is hiding secrets, but could Cipher have gotten to Dom with some skeletons in his closet? What could Dom be hiding from the rest of the family that could put him under somebody else's lock and key?  

Clone Dom

Honor, family, and cars are ingrained in Dom's DNA at this point, so how could this even be him? Could we be getting Double Dom in the future? 

Dom and Hobbs are working to sabotage Theron and Statham

Imagine this for a second: Dom and Hobbs go at each other's throats just to draw out Cipher's team and Shaw and beat them all in one fell swoop. 

Dom just really wants Charlize Theron 

I mean...she *is* Charlize Theron