You might have already seen ???'s work without even realizing it. Back in September, the Korean artist also known as HB drew up some pretty compelling Overwatch/One Piece mashups. With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon on the horizon, it only seemed fitting that HB would move onto merging Blizzard's mega-popular shooter with Nintendo's world-consuming RPG franchise. 

As you can see below, the results are pretty great. Really the only flaw is that not every Overwatch character is represented. Which missing hero would you like to see in Pokemon form? Personally, I could really go for an Emboar Roadhog, or maybe a Rowlet Reaper. 

1. Pikachu + Tracer


2. Blastoise + Soldier 76


3. Tauros + McCree


4. Noctowl + Ana


5. Arbok + Widowmaker

arbok dowmaker

6. Scyther + Genji


7. Horsea + Mei

goodra mei

8. Ninetails + Mercy


9. Kingler + Torbjorn

kingler torbjorn

10. Mr. Mime + Symmetra


11. Bellsprout + Zenyatta


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